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"If you want to know what's evil and what's righteous in this world use the compass of liberty and you will know if your judgment, direction and faith is correct"    
Victorious America



First, we would like to thank you. Since we launched Victorious America, over 7,000 people have visited our site. We have received hundreds of e-mails from around the globe with praise for what we are doing. We would like to take this time to thank each and every one of you who has visited our site and passed it along to a friend. 

As far as our projects are developing, this year two have been set in motion.

The grand finale of tyranny's agenda was set in motion over 200 years ago in our War of Independence. We are destined as a nation to stand alone in this battle, so let our dance with destiny begin. 

To understand the final piece of the puzzle, we return to the essay Victorious America, written in 1998, and specifically to the section America. The following excerpt from this section exhibits what separates our approach to democracy from everyone else's. 

"What happened to the Puritans and their choice to settle in America, set in motion a wave of determination so great it not only became the driving force of the development and character of American society, but it also became the impetus for the spreading of human rights and democracy worldwide.

Why was this force so powerful that nothing could stop it from gaining its own resolve in the human spirit? The Church of England tried to suppress the freedom of the individual to have spiritual beliefs -- his private domain, the seat of life where all people inquire about their existence. It tried to imprison his mind -- the seat of judgment that provides the main driving force to discern good from evil. The Puritans' stance against this religious oppression triggered a chain reaction that released the flow of individual rights that saturated the American psyche, and that would be the driving force shaping our history and setting a standard of behavior that has gained global acceptance."

Regardless of how many people try to redefine democracy to push their political agenda, they only end up temporarily disrupting its foundation. Luckily, the Constitution has a mechanism that acts like a catapult; when anything gets too far a field, it releases its own bolder and the wall of false dogma comes tumbling down. The balance between the secular and religious is restored.

How is this possible? Because the documents themselves are connected to the ultimate will of mankind: liberty and freedom from tyranny.

The final piece of the puzzle: simply, democracy can only be defined in its response to tyranny. It is the people's full response to all the faces of tyranny that makes the doctrines of democracy easily understood. The point had arrived where history had progressed to define the people's final stance against all forms of tyranny that plagued them throughout the centuries. Nothing, not even religious faith, was spared to prevent this mandate from materializing. An example clearly presents itself when we look at the religious totalitarian nations of the Mideast. This final stance led to the balance of religious and secular institutions through the mechanism of democracy, preventing tyranny from within.

Under the domain of democracy, the only sovereign is our own allegiance to this universal principle above anything else to govern our nation, because it gives us freedom from tyranny. 

In the end, what defines our allegiance will define what we support. We Americans must take this allegiance wherever ever it takes us; to be a sworn enemy of evil, no door must be left unopened so that tyranny cannot hide its face. 

There is nothing more critical on the table for the advancement of the human condition and its survival than the clarification of the noble declaration of one's pledge. Our own declaration of the Pledge of Allegiance defines our true agenda in the world, and shows what we represent in presenting the true picture of liberty to the world.

We would like to end this 2003 New Year's message with a quote from last year's message: 

"It is my conviction that never in the history of man have such eloquent writings as our founding documents been composed. They embrace all faiths and all people under their canopy. They have taken the best of religious and secular ideals, morals and ethics and condensed the essence under one umbrella, outlining and respecting all fundamental human rights. Therefore, I consider these documents sacred and eternal. They function to take us through the last threshold of world history into the ultimate realm where liberty is the only passport issued to preserve what is most noble in man. I think it is time for all Americans to rediscover the Bill of Rights and the Constitution and read them over and over again. I believe that America is in possession of the greatest treasures ever written for the governance of all humanity."
                                                   2002 New Years Message

A work in progress. More to come.......



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