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"If you want to know what's evil and what's righteous in this world use the compass of liberty and you will know if your judgment, direction and faith is correct"    
Victorious America


January 10, 2007 (2:00AM EST)

                                           by Stanley Zir

President Bush what part that separation of church and State plays in sectarian violence in Iraq that you don’t understand?

Citing their religious beliefs Muslim taxi drivers are refusing to transport customers at the Minneapolis-St. Paul public airport carrying or suspect of carrying alcohol It stared with one driver a few years ago but the average number of fare refusals has grown to about three a day What part of these Muslims taxi drivers part in putting their allegiance to there religious beliefs over their allegiance to protect peoples inalienable rights plays in sectarian violence that you don’t you understand.

Don’t you think you owe an explanation as the commander in Chief in finding a way forward in Iraq why in 2002 the Texas Republican part that you were the head of declared “Our party pledges to do everything within its power to e restore the original intent of the First Amendment of the Untied States and dispel the myth of Separation of Church and state.

Citing their religious beliefs Muslim taxi drivers are refusing to transport customers at the Minneapolis-St. Paul public airport carrying or suspect of carrying alcohol It stared with one driver a few years ago but the average number of fare refusals has grown to about three a day what part of their putting their allegiance to there religious beliefs over their allegiance to protect peoples inalienable rights don’t you understand.

The only question is w ill we open liberty's gate in Iraq and consummate our mission to deliver this indomitable package of freedom untarnished and unadulterated into the heart of the Islamic world or will we forfeit all that we have fought for over 200 years until the very notion of liberty as a way of life is literarily ripped form the pages of history’s registry because those at the helm of Liberty’s flag ship failed to navigate her through the last storm of treachery and deceit just as the tide that launched our odyssey of freedom was coming in.

Now its 2007 and nothing has changed President Bush is still waging a holy war against our citadel of justice at home while waging a war against terrorism through an attempt to spread Islamic Democracy’s throughout the Middle East in name of Islam.

The Democratic Party continues to pursue the abandonment of Liberty 's battlefield around the globe and in Iraq . In doing so the democrats have not only turned their backs on Liberties mandates but continue to serve up America's safety and credibility to the true enemies of mankind and in doing so secure the bastions of evil where the soulless are cultivated and housed .

Now this fact coupled with the reality that the Democratic Party stand down mode in the face of the advancement of sovereign nations of the world who’s vast populations are memorized by the glory that a governance of Religious Totalitarianism promises to deliver, has created a void in America politics, where the voice of resistance that is needed to prevent the establishment of our own biblical mandate at home and gain a victory in Iraq, is overshadowed by the impotent utterances of absentee warriors, who have replaced Liberty’s Lions Roar of Resistance with the mumblings of old squalling hags, who’s proclamations are destined to leave America not her flag blowing in the wind.

No wonder history is passing the democrats by they have done nothing less than opened the gates of Hell releasing their demons of doubt to feast on our youth thus robbing them of their true inheritance from our foundi9ng fathers at a time when the final episode in Liberty eternal battle against tyranny is being written in the archives of world history.

In the end Americans are left holding the bag. Who will defend America against the Republicans assault on our Constitution who are poised to declare our most sacred document of freedom Un-Constitutional in Gods name?  Who will challenge the Bush Doctrine a tyrannical concoction, that has replaced our founding father decrees, with a tyrannical supplement that has declared that the essential ingredients that our Constitution provides that are need to win the fight against terrorism, by stopping the advancement of Religious Tyranny at every step of the way, is unconstitutional, the democrats? Liberties gypsies who at present wondering aimlessly on our founding fathers estate just as the tide.

They time to extricate ourselves out of this jungle of deception and put liberty back on her throne where is now.

I have no doubt that this opinion article not only reveals the key for righting Americas ship because it provides those who are at her helm the sexton that will again steer her on sure course through these treacherous waters so there is no longer any confusion what steps America must now take in order to find a clear path to victory in Iraq and prevent liberty’s trust fund from being bankrupt in the future But I alter all Americans without using this sextant as Americas mandate in war against terrorism, no matter how well-intended the leadership of our county is on both sides of the isle we will be taken off course and shipwrecked on the shores of tyranny domain, where only the whip of repression reigns.

Incredibly I wrote this article below on November r 22 2001 only two month after 9/11 called liberty’s specter I think what is written will speak for its I am putting an unedited version of this whole op ed piece first because I want it on record before president Bush speech tonight It will take shape in a few weeks so have patience with this is pretty much the note for the essay.

“Regarding the creation of new governments based on democratic ideals to end the scrooge of terrorism and tyranny in the Middle East and bring security and peace to the whole world, this is one principle that must be established in theses nations and be protected at all costs. It is the principle of separation of church and state.( Separation of Mosque and State in the Middle East) A a principle that supports a democratic Constitutional form of Governance that functions to eliminate the potential for negative influence that a religious doctrine has when in collusion with the state that could undermine the balance between the secular and Religious that a Constitution provides in order to protect against people who would use religious doctrine to promote tyranny in Gods name.

It would be our founding fathers resolution to never again experience the very same forces of tyranny the experienced under British rule in the name of God and the state that would give rise to this principle.

It is this very same brand of tyranny that we now face from the nations of the Islamic world that give their allegiance to God over their allegiance to protect peoples inalienable rights that now wishes to repave our Coisntion rights a religious mandate.

It would be the nations from the middle east like the Japanese’s before them who worshiped at the alter of Religious Tyranny that have now become the suitable hosts for the carries of the plague of terrorism that has given birth to the suicide bombers we see today.

With the appearance on liberty’s radar screen on September 11 of the nations whose people support a religious totalitarian ideology the fundamental rights would now rise to the top of tyranny food chain to replace the Secular Communalists totalitarian tyrannies of the past, in denying peoples inalienable rights but now using Gods name instead of the state to achieve the same results.

That was set in moti0on 100 years ago between our nations of demcaory and nations of tyranny in this world when America founding father launched the greatest experiment in the history of civilization the quest to secure liberty as the donation to eternally insure the protection of people’s inalienable rights against the adamant of a governance of absolute power.

There can no longer be any doubt that the leading for the incubation of terror that progressed to infect the sovereign nations of the Middle East has but one cause, the absence of people inalienable rights This has been sustained through the absence of a democratic Constitutional balance between the religious and secular establishments in their governmental institutions in the nations of the Arab league This imbalance has lead to a prolonged history of peoples allegiance to a faith first governance over their allegiance to protect peoples inalienable rights a characteristic which has cultivated by the dominance of religious totalitarian system of governance in that region over the centuries.

When any of the principles on which the foundation rests is altered, violated or vacated in order to accommodate peoples cultural and religious differences then the constitutional balance that is needed to prevent the advancement tyranny in Gods name or the state will be disrupted leaving only a doctrine of tyranny in its wake.

It has been the pledge to forever protect this balance that has secured the high ground for liberty and preserved the beacon of hope for all people around the world for over 200 year It is this constitutional balance alone that now provides the Iraq people with the only solution for overcoming their own ethic and religious dispute a dispute that now threatens to destroy their county and return them into the hands of tyrannies grip.

This been proven time and time again in the history of our own county as we have been able to rise above our own inequities time and time by using our constitutions unrelenting mirror of justice as our only staff.

From Americas civil war throughout the twentieth century this constitutional mandate continues to gather momentum, drawing into its vortex all manner of movements; women’s rights civil right workers right the list goes on and on the roar get louder. The strength of the people to rise to the occasion when justice is thwarted continues because refuse to be saline.

Now the seed planted over two hundred years ago honoring the freedom of all by protect against the tyranny of any must now be the same seed planted by the people in Iraq in order to sustain an invincible fortress of liberty that is eternally protects their people from the advancement of the full menu of tyranny evils in their future.

By uniting the people of Iraq under the principles of the constitution that first delivered America into the womb of liberty blessing the cloud of deceit hiding places of those of ill intent will be lifted and liberty intrudes the real enemas of the people of Iraq will be laid at their feet.“




On Wednesday President Bush will announce his plan for his way forward in Iraq President Bush has now consulted with the best minds that our country has to offer in order to find a clear path to victory there Yet still has not bothered to consult with our founding fathers on this subject even though they were the architects who built the foundation on which the fortress of liberty rest and his Bush doctrine are suppose to represent is no surprise.

But why would he consult with them now when he did not bother to consult with them before he took his oath of office as our in 2001 when he had already decided that his allegiance to fulfill a biblical mandate outweighed his allegiance to preserving and protecting the principles on which our Constitution rests which has served as Americas first and last line of defense against tyranny for over 200 years.

That is why soon after he came into office hw would declare the constitutional wall built by them that has protect liberty’s estate for over 200 years from those who would invade the sacred in order to promote a governance of tyranny in Gods as Americas Berlin was a wall that would have to fall because it had become an obstruction to people who wished to implemented the practice of their faith in the public and political arena on the estate of liberty on the estate liberty that he claims God built.

How could President Bush in his right mind ever think of embracing an agenda that would eliminate the wall that Separation of Church and State has provided in our own county for over 200 years that has protected us from the onslaught of Religious Tyranny that the world suffered under in Gods name in the Post Constitutional era when we are now at odds with billions of ordinary people around the world today whose chief end to breech this wall in order to enter the fortress of freedom and eliminate the existence of liberty in Gods name.

But president Bush has been ding just that over the last five years wrestling the control of our govern and public institutions from under the control of government and putting them under the sovereignty of holy scripture has been nothing other than his chief objective.

Now after three years in Iraq the Bush Doctrine has produced a majority in America who chose to go with an Iraqi no show party in the 2006 midterm election because they could no longer stand the unbearable stench of Religious suppression and lies arising from the nations of the Middle East and from the White house and the chambers of justice at home, that was suffocating them in the dog-magna of religious tyranny.

President Bush says it is the absence of freedom in the Middle East that remains the key source of the threat of terrorism to the United States and since this is an ideological war we are fighting, only a political solution in Iraq that will secure a victory over the forces of tyranny and terrorism their will guarantee in the future Iraq will be an ally not an enemy of the Untied States in the war against terrorism.

The truth is it is the absence of the principles on which the foundation that Americas Constitution rests that is missing from the Bush doctrine that has lead to a foreign policy that has fallen short in exhuming the brand of tyranny that has given rise to the sectarian violence in Iraq and now is spreading like wild fire in the middle east and threatening the lives of all freedom people around the world.

The politicians in America are now sitting on the edge of their seats anxiously pondering Iraq future, and they should because America has lost the initiative, those who have been greasing the wheel of religious intolerance in Iraq and though out the Middle East under Bushes watch are alive and thriving while the engines of demcaory are dead in the water Now the Bush Doctrine has lost all credibility and any proposals for his way forward in Iraq s have become mere speculation and speculation is not a vote of confidence for victory.

It is becoming increasingly apparent to me that while options for some sort of a cut-and-run policy many not have been include in our present administrations original objective this is precisely the policy that is emerging the principles of democracy that are need to secure a victory over the forces of tyranny and terrorism in Iraq are being sacrificed to the realizations of a shortsighted objective.

The idea that creating a strong security force and creating more jobs in Iraq to stabilize their economy will guarantee stability in Iraq’s future is preposterous since the Iraqi government has already declared the pillar of liberty that would protect their new fortress of liberty as the infidels poison dagger Thus there is nothing now left standing form preventing from being over run by the serge of ShIite madness as soon as a Americas leaves.

With this one omission, hand of justice that is essential element for overcoming Iraq own inequities in their inequities future will be missing, and in a regions where it is religion not family where blood is thicker than water there will be nothing that will prevent Iraq from backsliding and merging together with Iran under the umbrella of religious autocracy.

But you cant blame the Iraq government for this blunder because President Bush has also declared our founding fathers weapon of choice Separation of Church and State (mosque and State in the Islamic world) Americas Constitutional serum that is needed to cleanse their nations of the disease of terrorism form the infection that the plague of religious tyranny’s brings, is conspicuously missing from the Bush doctrine In doing so he has taken the very teeth out of the strategy that America needs to spread democracy and gain a victory over terrorism there.

By excluding the principle of serration of church and state (mosque and state) in the formation of a new demcaory in Iraq would remove the pillar of liberty that was established at our county outset in order to protect our own citizens against the abuse of religious dogma.

With this one omission the constitutional balance between the secular and religious that is needed to maintain an open market of ideas in Iraq will falter When the dust settles only another form of tyranny will emerge in their future “ a new aged forgery conceived in the womb of ignorance and bathed in the sacrifice of our solder blood then what would be the reward for their sacrifice a time bomb Waiting to explode in our children’s future.

At this juncture I many not have any influence on the Bush administration plan of action in Iraq and the Middle East still it is my obligation as a citizen to alert the American people that any violation of this mandate in US policy for Iraq will be a victory for those who are intent on destroying the implementation of a democratic ic form of governance in that region If we go down that path we will fall short in containing the darkest deeds of terror presently approved by the majority of the nation of the Arab league who show undaunted allegiance to their nations through their own sacred dogma a dogma whose exclusion of peoples inalienable rights has been their official mantra for over 2000 years.

For those in the administration who are still insisting that it will take time for demcaory to grow in Iraq or that Iraq will develop their own brand of democracy because of ethic and religious I ask what democracy are they talking about Certainly not the one our founding fathers fashioned over 200 years again It was these ethic and religious alliances in the pre Constitutional era that left a history of tyranny and violence in its wake We did not come all this way to endorse a pre constitutional document of governance in Iraq in liberty’s name.

There is only one brand of demcaory and only one culture under its domain the culture of freedom The Germans and Japanese’s are now reaping the benefit of liberty blessing because America insisted that they first establish a constitution of our choice to end their culture of tyranny at the end of World War 2 and Iraq can be no different.

The reality is majority in the nations of the Arab world like the majority in majority in Japan in World War 11 that have also consummate their marriage to their faith in their God at the alter of Religious Tyranny.

Now like in Japan after World War 11 it will only take a Demcaory or Else stance by the United States that can exhume the same brand of tyranny this is now poising the minds of the Arab people Only then can the Arabs transform their homegrown cultures of gloom into gardens of peace and prosperity.

The Japanese confirm this principle It was their unconditional surrender to America to end World WAR II that delivered them into the bosom of democracy.

In Japan the acts of suicidal bombers appeared under a governance of a religious totalitarian state with a emperor acting as their modern day imam The rise of absolute power in the name of the sacred consumed the people of Japan and end the end produced some of the most some of the most egregious acts of torture on the full menu of tyranny evils Like the population of the nations the Arab League today the Japanese did not give a seconded thought to those among them who were committing atrocities against innocent people In like manner both peoples embrace tyranny of religious tyranny under the rule of an uncontestable social and religious mandates.

Ultimate it became apparent that he Japanese would only respect what proved to be more powerful that what they worshiped In the end they only made the transformation to civilized behavior though the imitation of a force that would prove to be more powerful than the misguided faith that had consumed them.

The attack by America on Hiroshima fulfilled this objective it was so powerful that in one instant it released the grip that their tyrannical religious dogma had on their nations civil and social institutions, and delivered them into the bosom of democracies blessings, ultimate transforming Japan from the enemy of freedom tone of its greatest defenders.

Now America only has to recall Japan ’s transformation to a civilized behavior to map out their our ex strategy from the onslaught of terrorism we now face in Iraq which has become the epicenter of terrorism around the world

America held its first elections under a democrat constitutional mandate in order to set the ground rules for the execution of the duties of the judicial civil executive branches of the American government that were set up to stop the advancement of tyranny at every turn As result perspective voters could unify under one canopy to avoid the political chaos we are now currently witnessing in Iraq between their religious fraction

The same was true in Germany and Japan after World war 11 Constitution were established primarily by Americans before their elections were held in order to prevent the advancement of secular and religious tyranny in their governments in the future

But did President Bush did make this demand with Iraq and now we are facing sectarian violence in Iraq because of it

President Bush’s belief that because Moslems and Christians have a shared belief in God and because he claims freedom is Gods gift to mankind this is the bond that would unite both worlds in their fight against tyranny and terrorism and finally lead to the Islamic nations conversion to demcaory nothing can be further form the truth

President Bush’s failure understand that in the Arab world freedom is considered a threat by the majority, because it is seen as a doctrine where a person has been given the right to question the ethics on which the foundation on which their social order rests, a foundation that was built exclusively on the teaching and dictates of Allah Since such inquires would be considered an insult to Allah so would the doctrine of doctrine of liberty’s that opened the door to such inquires The reality is in the Arab world people are seeking freedom from demcracy

President Bushes failure to understand that the Koran and Bible are documents of faith that embrace a covenant of principles for those who have chosen to believe in God for their salvation theses documents cannot protect against a government of tyranny by man in the name of God

But a constitution in a demcaory is document of governance that embraces covenant of principles to prevent against the advancement of tyranny by man in the name of God or the State,

This why he failed to recognize the tools and strategy left by our founding fathers left for us gain a victory over religious tyranny in Iraq the brand of religious oppression that they experienced under British rule in the name of God and State that has now lead to the seatrain violence in Iraq, mirrors a strategic flaw in the Bush doctrine that is preventing America from securing and implementing the principles on which our Constitution rests first in Iraq

It is only Liberty’s bond based on the principles of Mosque and State that is necessary in defeating the plague of religious tyranny in that region and delivered them into the bosom of democracies blessings, ultimate transforming Iraq like Japan and Germany before it into freedoms greatest defenders thus taking America out of harms

As a result of this oversight the Constitutional fire wall that our founding father built that was necessary to contain the fires of religious tyranny was condemned by him because he declared it was an obstruction to creating the bond that those who worshiped God could provide that was essential uniting both the Christian and Moslem world in the war on terrorism

Because of this President Bush declared our founding fathers weapon of choice Separation of Mosque and as Gods forbidden fruit he has severed the only mandate that liberty’s prescribes for overcoming the plague of religious tyranny from him Mid East policy In doing so he has taken the very teeth out of the strategy that America needs to spread democracy in the Arab world and gain a victory for terrorism there

What was the result of holding elections in the Mid East that are not under the sovereignty of a democratic constitutional mandate? But under a Bush biblical mandate

After all its was [President Bush that assured the American people before the 2005 elections in Palestine Theses elections are further proof that when given a choice all peoples seek to live in liberty and to choose their own government Well he got the second part right a fifty percent success rate is not to bad for a foreign policy that is needed to win a third world war

President Bush’s surprise that 95% of the Palestine people went ot poles and exercised their God Given Right to freely elect a terrorist organization speaks directly to this matter

His proclamations might have been true in the nations of Hungry in the post cold war ear but unfortunately after 9/11 and in the nations of the Arab League here the equitation changes The reality is the people in the nations of the Arab world like the majority in Japan in World War 11 have also consummated their marriage to their faith in their God at the alter of religious tyranny

Under such condition America is now negotiating in good faith with Iraq in the hopes of gaining a foot for liberty there

Unfortunately for Israel after Wednesday night this will now translates into President Bush offering up their lands to the Nazis in exchange for peace

We can never put the fate of liberty in the hands of tyranny’s decrees

President Bush meets with Abdul Ziz Al Hakims the Shiite leader of the Supreme council for Islamic Revolution(the leader of the largest block in Iraq’s parliament) to discuss the part of uniting Iraq elected leader and society leaders to reject the extremist that are trying to stop the advance of this young democracy

What part of Supreme council for Islamic Revolution does President Bush not understand which part democracy in an Islamic democracy is fledgling

The war in Iraq has reached a critical mass and like a cancer that is spreading out of control now only an extreme measures must now be taken in order and the constitutional fire wall is in ruins as I mentioned at the beginning of the article those who have been greasing the wheel of religious intolerance in Iraq and though out the Middle East under Bushes watch are alive and thriving in Iraq and spreading like wild fire throughout the Middle East while the engines of demcaory are dead in the water.

Can someone explain to me which part of Iraq ’s fledgling Islamic democracy gave rise to sectarian violence.

The only question left is what foreign policy must President Bush adapt whose political ideology will provide us with the tools and strategy we need to apply that will redirect the Iraq people’s determination from giving their allegiance to God over giving their allegiance to protecting each other inalienable rights

It is this form of allegiance that has not only lead to the sectarian violence in Iraq but because it mirrors the same overall commitment of the great majority of the people in the nations of the Arab League who like the Iraqis who also serve a God that they have enshrined in the alter of religious tyranny this puts Iraq at the epée center on the war against terrorism around the world

Its time for President Bush to shut up put away his bible and save his sermon on the mount of his own church and do what we duly elected any America constitutional cowboy to do Carrel all those sectarian rustlers in Iraq and put them under the sovereignty of a democratic Constitutional Mandate

Now only the seed planted over two hundred years ago by America’s founding father honoring the freedom of all by protecting against the tyranny of any must now be the same seed planted by the people of Iraq in their new constitution in order to build an invincible fortress of liberty that will establish the first line of defense against terrorism and finally undermine a movement of religious tyranny that has laid the foundation for the rise of the religious totalitarian governments of the Arab League n that region in that region for over 1000 years

In the end it is religious tyranny that is the operative word here, this is the cancer that gave birth to religious totalitarian nations of the Arab league today and like the secular Communities tyranny in the west they deny people rights in Gods name instead of the state

It has been religious tyranny that as been the staple for the diet of even the most moderate peoples in the nations of the Arab League that has been quietly feeding a terrorist beast in that region for over 1000 years and who incualbti0on period ended on 0/11 with attack on the world trade center This is the cancer that we need to destroy to be freed from the plague of terrorism

Since the war in Iraq demands the release form the grip of Religious Tyranny we can now turn to our Founding Father weapon of choice to complete this mission The principle of separation of church and state established by them over 200 years ago to forever protect God name form being used by humankind to deny people their inalienable rights in god name now fits the bill

Only this serum injected directly into the hear of Iraq governing structure can cure their homegrown cultures of gloom and hate that are now responsible for terrorizing their own population Now it is apparent this has to be an emergence procedure with no time for permission slips from and infected population that are now host this plague if we are to stop the spread of terrorism in this world This weapon was good enough for our founding father why is it not good enough for President Bush

The only real question on the table is will America open liberties gate in Iraq and take this opportunity to consummate her mission to deliver this indomitable package of freedom untarnished into the heart of the Islamic World or will the legacy of freedom be erased form the histories registry by those who championed treachery and deception on the home and abroad by a host who’s resolve to dissolve our union of liberty is now less that those who threaten to dissolve our union in Lincoln time

Astonishingly in 2004 I wrote Liberty last Call Past 11

“President Bush it is time to announce to the people and the leaders of Iraq , ”If you are not part of the solution your are part of the problem”

Americas sacrifice of their soldiers the lives our soldiers for your freedom is more the enough proof or our sincerity We did not go to war with Saddham Hussein so you could establish another form of tyranny in Iraq or denote, over 300 billion dollars of Americas hard earned money to an Iraq/ Iran construction consortium to built the first Islamic Terrorist Twin Towers that would rise like a modern pyramid to paint the face of religious tyranny over the Mid East skyline

We cannot permit this to happen and hope to survive This would be nothing more than an act of surrender to the Religious Totalitarian nations of the Arab League that re the breeding grounds for the plague of terrorism in the Middle East America went to war because there was an attack on the sovereignty of the Untied States of America that was no less egregious than the we suffered on Pearl Harbor

Going to war with Iraq after September 11 because of Saddam Hussein’s: violation of non compliance with United Nation weapons inspection and his past history with biological weapons and the Untied nations history of lack of enforcement of their own mandates was more than justified in attacking Iraq

Saddam Hussein could no longer be trusted in an era where the packaging and size of weapons of mass destruction would now provide him with a viable alterative launching attacks on the United State through distributing these devises to terrorist groups who had already proved on 9/11 they would be more than willing to carry out this mission The question was not only if Husseins had these weapons but even if he didn’t God help us all if he did get them of distribution spreading weapons of mass destruction to terrorist like we face form Iran today We must not lose sight of this

Therefore it was Americas rightful duty first either as liberators or conquers of Iraq to demand an unconditional surrender to the Iraq government or issue a declaration of War if they did not comply then President Bush could have implemented an interim government and constitution of Americas choice after his victory on the ground their so the appearance of any tyrannical movements in Iraq’s future but you now know why President Bush do not chose to do this

Now the war in Iraq has reached a critical mass and like a cancer that is spreading out of control now only an extreme measures must now be taken in order to save that country form ruins It is time to declare marshal laws in Iraq set up a new government under a constitution of our choice declaring to the Iraq people we did not sacrifice our lives so you could set up another tyranny and like in Japan and Germany this must now become a demcaory or else proposition There is the only way forward in Iraq n

Don’t attack this messenger if you find my solution too radical take it up with our founding father they knew who knew the nature of tyranny read the Declaration of Independence Lincoln knew it when he burned won the south in the civil war to end their attachment to slavery and Truman knew it when he ended the war with Japan

You cannot treat cancer with aspirin you cannot build the foundation for freedom in Iraq on forged documents and then call it a fledgling democracy

In the end our own stance against tyranny here and abroad is what liberty is all about To be the sworn and unrelenting enemy of tyranny no door must be left unopened no corner must be left unexplored here or aboard not even in the realm of the sacred- especially in the Middle East where evil displays its greatest power to corrupt and h8ide We must never let tyranny escape our gaze lest we ourselves unknowingly embrace its deception and lose the privileged to spread liberty throughout the world

For the sake of liberty the America people must wake up and demand that the implementation of the principle of Separation of Mosque and state be installed into a new constitution of Iraq before we leave We cannot afford to engage in a cut and run policy from the only mandate that will save humanity form terrorism and sustain the principals of liberty in Iraq in its future

Its time to drop Liberty Neutron Bomb Separation of Church and State on the nations around the world where peoples inalienable rights are now considered a threat to their religious beliefs and Iraq must be first



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