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"If you want to know what's evil and what's righteous in this world use the compass of liberty and you will know if your judgment, direction and faith is correct"    
Victorious America

Separation of Church and State

Liberty's Ultimate Weapon Against Terrorism and Tyranny
by Stanley Zir founder of
June 8, 2004 

At a time when confusion and uncertainty reign amongst our citizens as to the nature and scope of enemies involved in this war the cloud of ambiguity that has laid siege in our citizens' minds must now be lifted so our citizenry can unite for one purpose to defeat the enemy.

Exposing the real enemy that has engaged us, and the reasons for the attack on our nation now become essential if we seek to accomplish our objectives, especially in Iraq My hope is that this article can help to achieve that end

On September 11, the greatest war to undermine the advancement of democracy was set in motion. It was not only attack on the World Trade Center to destroy our reliability on a competitive market of ideas and secure a higher standard of living that occurred that day. There was also an attack on the very pillar of our Constitution (Separation of Church and State) that protects our citizens from the advancement of Religious Tyranny,a governance that would shut down the advancement of our economy by eliminating the very source that maintains its prosperity and protects its integrity, free will and fundamental rights.

The principles of democracy have now become the greatest threat to a region that thinks fundamental rights will unseat the Religious mandate they have chosen to bring order to their social and civil institutions.and that is why we were attacked

We are quickly approaching the June 30 deadline for handing over the sovereignty of the government of Iraq to its people. The question that must now be answered is, how can we even consider handing over a form of governance that could eventually become a stronger foothold for tyranny and terrorism in its future than its past. Wasn't it our objective to secure a nation in that region that was free from tyranny terrorism through establishing democratic governance in Iraq?

It is becoming increasingly apparent to me that while options for some sort of cut-and-run policy may not have been included in our present administration's original objective, this is precisely the policy which is emerging. The principles of democracy are being sacrificed to this shortsighted policy.

Excluding the principle of Separation of Church and State (Mosque and State) in Iraq in the formation of a new democracy in Iraq would remove the pillar of liberty that was established at our countries outset to protect its citizens against the abuse of religious dogma.

With this one omission the Constitutional Balance between the Secular and Religious that is needed to maintain an open market of ideas ion Iraq will falter, and when the dust settles only another form of tyranny will emerge in their future. " A new age forgery conceived in the womb of ignorance and bathed in the sacrifice of our soldiers blood." Then what would be the reward for their sacrifice "a time bomb waiting to explode in our children's future? We must not permit this to happen.

Is it democracy that we are promoting to replace the Totalitarian Regimes in the Arab League who use such dogma to deny people their fundamental rights?

Creating Religious Democracies around the world was not the plan of our founding fathers had to secure all people from the plague of religious suppressions. Creating democracy free from the governance of religious tyranny was.

Going to war with Iraq after September 11 because Hussein's violations of non-compliance with United Nations weapons inspectors, his past history with biological weapons, and his protocol for deception was more than justified. He could no longer be trusted in an era where the packaging and size of weapons of mass destruction would now provide him a viable alternative for delivering attacks against the United States. The question was not only if Hessian had theses weapons, but also even if he didn't, God help us all if he did get them.

As the focus of the war changed from the emphasis of finding weapons of Mass Destruction to liberating the people of Iraq form Saddham Husseims' tyrannical regime, a platform emerged for establishing a democratic governance in Iraq in order to gain a foothold in the Mid East. to fight terrorism. Now for the first time our present administration provided a doctrine that stretched far beyond the scope of fighting Alkeda or the likes of a Husseim to gain a victory over terrorism.

While the conditions that breed terrorism and its cure were now clearly established by our present administration they never named its hosts'. The conglomeration of nations of Religious Tyranny that loomed ominously on the horizon after the attacks on September 11th was no mirage. It was the same old horse with a different jockey. Now we can see how their appearance leads us directly to the dawn of liberty are rising, where the origins of this conflict can be traced and the resolution for this conflict is revealed

Our founding fathers decree of "Liberties Eternal War on Tyranny" goes to the heart of the matter. This proclamation established that it was our own liberation form the forces of secular and religious tyranny at our nations outset that clearly identifies what our country stands for, what we defend against Now their decree acts as our Mandate in our war against terrorism and clarify the steps we need to take to complete our mission in Iraq.

Since the war we are in demands the de- tyranization of the nations of the Mid East from the grip of Religious Tyranny we can now turn to our founding fathers weapon of choice to complete this mission. The principle of the Separation of Church and State established by them over 200 years ago to forever protect Gods' name form being used by man to deny people religious freedom and their fundamental rights through a governance of Religious tyranny fits the bill.

Only this serum injected directly into the heart of their governing structures can cure their home grown cultures of gloom that are now responsible for terrorizing the world. After September 11 it became apparent this would have to be an emergence procedure, with no time for permission slips from infected populations if we were going to stop the spread of terrorism.

At present both parties of the American electorate are feverously working to host intellectual dust bowls for the 2004 elections. The Democratic Party has joined the United Nations and the European Union, first to appease the nations of religious tyranny of the Middle East and now to promote new-aged gas chamber politics against the state of Israel in the name of 'Peace'.

The Republican Party has taken up the fight against terrorism but has declared war on the principles of separation of church and state, thus turning into forbidden fruit the only proper solution to religious tyranny in the Arab League.

By not insisting that the principle of Church and State( Mosque and State) become the anchor for a Constitutional Governance in Iraq we now find ourselves discussing an exit strategy in Iraq before securing our objective: Liberating the people in Iraq from a governance of tyranny, and protecting the citizens the Untied States of America by securing a democracy in that region in order to stop the advance of terrorism

Now it looks like we might be serving French toast in the White House seeking the approval of new United Nations mandate in order to authenticate our mission. Gaining support from an international body that have long ago forfeited their passport of liberty! What's next on the menu portraying the completion of our mission in Iraq as some sort "Turkey Wrap" before we leave there? Any proclamations of Iraq achieving the same governing structure, as Turkey in its future is a wash and it won't play out here at home especially with our present administrations view on church and state.

Its time to apply the breaks, and return to the prime point by announcing to the people of Iraq that if you are not part of the solution you are part of the problem We have given our innocent solders life's for their liberty that is more than enough proof of our sincerity

Don't blame the messenger if the solution is not acceptable neither is our enemies solution for us President Washington knew it Lincoln Roosevelt Truman and even Churchill knew, it you cant treat cancer with an aspirin and you cannot secure a victory for democracy unless all the remnants of tyranny are severed We cannot build the foundation for a democracy on Iraq on forged documents.

The fact remains any other excursion after September 11 to honor and dignify the nobility of the human spirit other than serving liberties mandate to rid the world of terrorism would be a violation of the very principle that protects liberty from those who are intent on its destruction. If we permit this to happen we would be destined to fall short in subduing the darkest deeds of terror that are presently approved by the people who show undaunted allegiance to their nations as witnessed through their unending proclamation of their sacred dogma above and to the exclusion of individual rights as their official mantra.

Their can no longer be any doubt that the leading cause for incubation of terror that progressed to infest the sovereign nations of middle east, has one cause, the loss of fundamental rights and freedom This has been sustained through the absence of balance, between religious and secular establishments in their ruling governmental institutions Thus the absence of any democratic sovereignties in theses nations has lead to a prolonged history of allegiance to a faith first governance in their civil institutions that has been cultivated by the dominance of religious tyrannies in that region over the centuries, The fact that  these ideas are still embraced even among the most moderate of their populations today is of no surprise considering the lack of all f undamental rights in that region for over 20 centuries.

As a result of this continuous imbalance, in the face of advancing civilizations, we are now facing vast populations who are mistakenly driven to think they must defend their faith from destruction, against the very thing that would liberate them from their oppression and protect the true purpose of faith not destroy it which is liberty!

The establishment of a new equilibrium, through a governance that embraces an open market of ideas through free press AND SEPERATION OF Mosque and State is now essential to protect us from the advancement of the worlds deadliest cancer and only with the establishment of the principle of Separation of Church State in their governments will we see the elimination all forms of tyranny that has plagued their cultures and now threats to destroy ours.

In the end our own stance against tyranny here and abroad must define what we as Americans stand for We must make this our only allegiance and follow wherever it take us for to be sworn and unrelenting enemy of tyranny no door must be left unopened or explored here or abroad not even the sacred. We must not let tyranny escape our gaze lest we ourselves unknowingly embrace it and lose the privilege spread this sacred document though out the world free from terror.

For the sake of liberty in the world for the preservation of our union we must wake we and insist that President Bush demands the implementation of the principle of Separation of Church State in the Constitution of Iraq before we leave Or we will cut and run from the only thing that will save us all humanity from terrorism and sustains the principles of liberty

Citizens a choice must be made we stand on the very precipice of disaster

Either we now open liberties gate, and consummate the mission to deliver this indomitable package of freedom untarnished and unadulterated to the world or history will be downloaded into a sandy crevice, sea filled, drowned, then dispersed in a chum without a trace

Recently Senator Bidden asked Senator McLean on "Meet the Press" to put his allegiance to our nation above his allegiance to the Republican Party and run together with Kerry for President in order to save our nation. While his idea is insteresting his choice for the presidency was in comprehensiable to me. What we need is only one president who like Bush will stand up to fight terrosim on all fronts with or without internationla approval, and a patriot like Thomas Jefferson who would declare: 

It is time to drop the gauntlet and by delivering Liberties Neutron Bomb "Separation of Church and State" to the nations of the Arab League and on all the other nations around the world where fundamental rights and liberty are now considered to be the greatest threat to their religious beliefs if democracy is to survive.

While the Neutron Bomb kill people it still leaves buildings and other property undamaged because of the bomb's minor explosive blast. Liberty's Neutron Bomb, the separation of church and state, kills the cancer of tyranny in people hearts while leaving the institutions of society, such as government, the press, religion, industry and commerce, intact and healthy."

America can you hear me now!

Stanley Zir, an author, is the Founder of 
Phil Orenstein is an Adjunct Instructor at Queensborough Community College. 


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