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"If you want to know what's evil and what's righteous in this world use the compass of liberty and you will know if your judgment, direction and faith is correct"    
Victorious America
    PART 1

August 27, 2008


By Stanley Zir




Americas Original Sin? Slavery or Obama?

By Stan Zir

Part 1


Obama The Greatest Threat to Our Freedom


We cannot have an absentee warrior at the helm of liberty's ship the final battle to forever short circuit the ever recurring of cycle secular and religious totalitarian oppression that has plagued humankind since its inception is now in progress


Authors note

Note I am posting this before Obama speech also to have it on record for the time I posted I will tell you what he will say so don't waste your precious time while there are some great football games on in T V on his time slot I did not have time to edit this article I will in two weeks but wanted on the record before his acceptance speech

The DO Do article have been revised suit the events that are now occurring it was written in 2004 but it seems that nothing has changed in the democratic party History already has passed them by

I am the author of a book call “Liberty's last Call that is coming out in the fall .It was my transformation form a religious revolutionary to a constitutional warrior that enlighten me to the idea of promoting “ One Nation One World Free of Tyranny Pledge” Now don't plagiarize this statement Obama I am not an America citizens who is a global citizen like you , I am an America that is trying to spread the globalization of a democratic constitutional ethic to end the spread of tyranny and terrorism is this world in order honor our founders quest

To this end I think its time that those who worship to G-d return to liberty's universe where the Construction not the Bush Obama doctrine Bible or Koran is the sovereign of liberty's domain

The question here is not if Liberty is Gods gift to mankind, the question is how can we protect our freedom form those who promote tyranny in the name of God or State

While the Koran and the Bible are documents of faith that embrace a covenant of principles for those who have chosen to believe in God for their salvation, theses documents cannot protect against a governance of tyranny by man in the name of God or State


However a Constitution in a Democracy is a Document of Governance that embraces a covenant of principles that safeguards the rights of all by preventing against the advancement of governance of tyranny by man in the name of God or the State or both period

While I may personally believe the Koran is Religious teaching that presents a grave threat to our inalienable rights yet I believe the founder of the constitution of the US designed to protect against such teachings and reveal when such inequities when they exist Under the Constitution killing or violence for blasphemy is not an inalienable right

Yet it is hard for the America people to understand this because of their strong support for religious tolerance but it is only our stance against religious tyranny that keeps our support for religious tolerance operable

This war we are facing is the inevitable reminder that our allegiance must always be to our constitution first before anything else. We learned that lesson over two hundred years ago, which began with the persecution of people for their beliefs through the religious tyranny of the British Empire

Thus attack on 9/11 brings with it a warning, a warning on what principles must never be violated by us if our union of liberty is to remain standing in the future. The attack on September 11 gave us the severest of warning never to violate the principles of separation of church and state .

That is why we must do everything in our power to protect the principles that sustain Liberties Mandate at home as we promote the establishment for the new democracies in our war to end the spread of terrorism around the world Protecting these principles from subversion cohesion at home must now become Americans new mandate irregardless of any political allegiances if we are to preserve Liberties Trust fund from being bankrupt in the future For if the star that we chose to guides us is one degree off course now, then in ten years how far will have strayed from liberties home when the world finds itself eternally encased in the winds of tyranny ?

In order to achieve that end and keep us free from the attack of religious and secular fanatics in our public square in the future I am proposing an All in One, One for all Pledge that puts gays straights blacks whites religious people and atheist alike all in the same fox in order to fend off those who have already enter liberty house using God n their passports to breached the wall of separation of church and state and promote tyranny in Allah name Then who going to protect you then Rosie O'Donnel Barak Obama?

Its time to end the pledge of silence that mussels gay and atheist rights with a pledge of Resistance that honor our founder quest and fulfill the dream they our founder had two hundred years ago they launched the greatest experiment in the history of civilization: the quest to secure liberty as the foundation to eternally insure the protection of people's fundamental rights against the advancement of a governance of absolute power in any of its forms, thus forever locking the door on the full tyranny menu of evils to any and all who would release its deadly venom into the hearts of all humankind

Or Pledge of Allegiance must provide a venue for all Americans citizens to express their eternal gratitude to those who scarified their lives to secure our freedoms, by honoring them with a pledge to eternal protect and honor the constitutional rights that they gave their lives to defend or it not a pledge worthy of the sacrifices they made

After 9/11 our pledge must embody the true heritage of Americas pioneering sprit a heritage of freedom that has secured the high ground for liberty and has preserved the beacon of hope for all people around the world for over 200 years, a beacon of freedom that can never be extinguished by the forces of tyranny as long as the flag that consecrates the nobility of our cause continues to fly over the Republic for which liberty stands 

So everyday I awake I first give my pledge of allegiances to the flag of the Untied States of America and to the constitution of our republic for which it stand One nation Free of Tyranny Indivisible with Liberty and Justice for all

Obama are you ready to take this pledge or not? This is the Change that the World is waiting for are you?



The Democratic Party the Tragedy of Dodo




At present, both major parties of the American electorate are feverishly working to win the 2008 Presidential elections.

The Democratic Party has joined the United Nations and the European Union, first to appease the nations of Religious Totalitarian nations of the Middle East thinking that the promotion of new-aged dialogues with tyrannical nations we will avert war

Those who think we can put the fate of liberty in the hands of those that would appease the Religious Totalitarian nations in the Middle East after 9/11 in the hopes of achieving peace in this world are no longer quantified to serve as representatives of liberties decrees or even more obvious be qualified to be at the helm of liberty's ship

The democrats have failed to realize that it is absence of those who would stand against any who would promote tyranny and terrorism in this world that is the greatest threat to it not those who would declare war on there diabolical enterprises

There failure to realize this fact can only lead on to the conclusion that a they think a peace that is reached with those that will compromises our freedoms or even strip us of our liberties is not only feasible but acceptable because that end America is responsible for when the conflicts in the world we now face because they launched the greatest

Tyranny and our historical struggle to gain peace through the sacrifice of our blood they have become as valid e been shredded as a false document

Lies and deception are the protocol of tyrannical agendas. In a tyranny truth is not relevant. Any statements issued from these governments and their supporters can never be believed or certified. The only thing that can be substantiated is the total absence of fundamental human rights in order to maintain absolute power through the sabotage of the truth. Submission and dominance is achieved through intimidation. This is the agenda of tyranny, the parent of terror. 


A major base of the democratic party the Deanits' has implicated that capitalism and free enterprise is the tool of a colonial system of repression and is the root cause for the poverty and suffering in the world due to their intrinsic agenda of greed, racism and materialism. According to then the ruthless tyrannies of the world are exonerated from any culpability. They are viewed as the hapless victims of Western militarism and exploitation of the of big business and the Republican Party


Obama and his Daily Cos Move on Now Yes we Can crew who's view of a our domestic policy that is void of the handouts they think we need to have in place in order to solve our social ills of society has caught them with their pants down


Their Down with Wall Street up Main street with Fidel Castor Convertible Municipal Bonds is exposing his as the evolutionary misfits that it that fits to a tee the description of the dodo birds of Mauritius Islands


The Dodo was entirely fearless of people, and this, in combination with its flightlessness, made it easy prey. The name dodo comes from the archaic Portugnese word meaning “simplelton” . (The island was first visited by the Portuguese 1505

The Mauritius Dodo ( Raphus cucullatus ,), mor e commonly just Dodo , was a metre-high flightless bird of the island of Mauritius lived on fruit and nested on the ground.).

The breast structure was insufficient to have ever supported flight and it is believed these ground-bound birds evolved to take advantage of island ecology with no enemies

The Dodo's stubby wings and heavy, ungainly body tell us that the bird was flightless. Moreover, its breastbone is too small to support the huge pectoral muscles a bird this size would need to fly. Yet scientists believe that the Dodo evolved from a bird capable of flight into a flightless one. When an ancestor of the Dodo landed on Mauritius , it found a habitat with plenty of food and no predators. It therefore did not need to fly, and, as flying takes a great deal of energy, it was more efficient for the bird to remain on the ground. Eventually, the flightless Dodo evolved.

Scientists at the American Museum of Natural History and other institutions around the world continue to study and document the impact of human activities on the environment. It is hoped that the lesson of the Dodo can help prevent similar extinctions, and aid us in preserving the diversity of life on earth. .

When humans first arrived on Mauritius, they also brought with them other animals that had not existed on the island before, including pigs rats and monkeys which plundered the dodo nests, while humans destroyed the forests where they made their

Welcome to the democratic ideals of domestic polices

Modern Dodo sightings?

Starting in early 2008, people began reporting they saw strange birds nesting near the Mile High Denver Colorado before the democratic convention. Although rumors of the survival of the Do Do birds have still emerged there was no proof of any living dodos still exited On August 28 70 thousands Do Dos will ascend on mile high stadium in Denver Colorado to pay homage to their Fake-O-Roma - Obama Do Do master Some one please call the Museum Natural history this is truly an historical event

Unfortunately because of their antics of some post delusional Clinton brats the acceptance of public view of nonjudgmental values of tolerance toward cultures that maintain tyrannical regimes in conjunction with the timely recognition that poverty, war and genocide are in fact caused by nations of tyranny has been replaced by a theory of equal culpability Now, for them the spreading of American democratic ideology and institutions of freedom to end poverty tyranny and terrorism to allow the people to enjoy the fundamental rights they deserve they claim this has become Americas albatrosses


The democrats have yet to learn that it is the absence of those who would stand against any who would promote a reign of tyranny on humankind that is the greatest threat to our freedoms and world peace not those who would declare war on such diabolical enterprises


Slavery is not America Original Sin



March 18, 2008 10:15 AM I listened to Obama give his America original sin speech I became incensed I promised if I ever had a change to expose this Carne Side Show Barker Scam, who went form town to town selling his cure oil elixir to a disillusioned youth that would turn them a tuna melt for the consumption of hate America mandate I would not pass up the chance

Its time to close the curtain on Omaha side show and run toxic cool aid cure all wagon out of town and the horse he has ridden in on


This liberty imposter has been using Gods salvation church rap he learned under the good Reverend Wright transformed his hard core message into a cool pimped political clap- trap to convince our post constitutional hip hopped multicultural youth into believing he is the one that will bring peace to the world and bring down the curtain on wall street with his Fidel Castro covetable bonds


This is the change that Lenin and Carl Marx has been waiting for and the change he will deliver that will deliver that will turn our free market economy into a welfare state if we elect him

In response to Obamas Slavery is Americas Original Sin Blame Whitee Speech to Grant Clemency for his spiritual mentor God Damm America, racial hate rants for over 20 Years

“The history of the American people has been forged by a fire that was ignited by those whose eternal commitment to waged an endless struggle against forces of tyranny from within and outside her boarders was set in motion at our country's onset “

Many people came to this country, some for political reasons, some to escape prosecution, some for economic reasons, and many were forced to come here and be sold as slaves but once under liberty's canopy all would eventually take up freedoms call and collectively begin to write the final chapter in human history that would

‘Amend and put a thunder all the sins and transgressions that their forefathers had committed in the past where they continuously waged war amongst and against each other in tyranny name, domains which they served without reservation in the pre constitutional ear That your relatives and mine to Obama “

But one under the sovereignty of her new Constitutional Mandate America became a boiling caldron immersed in a perpetual Renaissance containing people of all races and backgrounds challenging to all honor their own integrity by honoring the fundamental rights of others first and foremost.

It is here we find the key to understanding America 's mission and her destiny in this wo rld”

Our American founding fathers documents of freedom written with a determination to advance freedom in this world as so compelling it exposed their own enquires of slavery

Who breathed life into this document and put fire into its soul, our founding fathers whose hatred for tyranny was only surpassed by their passion to protect all people inalienable rights


It is my conviction that never in the history of humankind has such eloquent writing as our founding fathers documents of liberty been composed They embrace people of all beliefs religious and non religious ethic groups and cultures equally under its canopy. They took the best of secular and religious ideals, morals and ethics and condensed their essence then crowned this enlightenment by outlying a form of governance where the integrity of the individual would emerge to become the only standard that would be adhered to for creating the building blocks to forge a new emerging civilization Form this stage Americas Founding fathers launched the greatest experiment in the history of humankind:


“The quest to secure liberty as the foundation to eternally insure the protection of people's fundamental rights against the advancement of a governance of absolute power in any of its forms in order to forever lock the door on the full menu of tyranny evils to any and all who would release its deadly venom into the hearts of human kind


The validity of there quest is proven by the fact that our citizens have chosen to honor the principles on which the foundation that our constitution rests as the only staple to nurture our cultural ethic for over 200 years Time and time again we have been able to rise out of the ashes of our own inequities (Slavery Women's rights gay rights using her Unrelenting mirror of justice as our only staff.


That is why we can no for sure that American people know when their bell of liberty rings true or not


Our progress towards liberty has continued because of those who would not remain silent witness to evil but who would stand up for change in order to honor and preserve our scared documents so all future generation of Americans would not be defenseless in the face of tyrannies advances


So today I rise again to bring honor to our founders noble mission that was forged through the trials of millions of unknown heroes whose selfless dedication who's resolved to preserve this eternal mosaic has brought us to this podium where we stand today A American white woman of European decent and a American black man of African decent running for president he Untied States of America

The Constitution of the Untied States of America the Cornerstone of American Democracy Contained within this sacred document is the wisdom and compassion that our founding fathers provided to eternally protect us from the deception and betrayal of our sacred covenant of freedom, begat by the many faces of tyranny at home and aboard. For them, liberty was the only sacred trust: all that stands between us and tyranny is indicated on the signposts of this document, signposts that clearly mark the boundaries that must never be violated in order to protect our fundamental rights from the advancement of a governance of absolute power

Any other excursion after September 11 to honor and dignify the nobility of the human spirit other than serving this cause to rid the world of terrorism would be a violation of the very principle that protects liberty from those who are intent on its destruction If we permit this to happen we would be destined to fall short in subduing the darkest deeds of terror that are presently approved, by people who show un-daunting allegiance to their nations as witnessed by their unending proclamations of their sacred dogma above and to the exclusion of people inalienable rights as their official mantra


What original sin are you talking about Osama the sin of our Italian German Japanese Americana who went to war killing thier own brethren throwing them under tyrannies bus in world war for liberty's cause Or those who died in our civil war fighting against slavery and those who have sacrificed their lives in the civil rights era and now those who fight for gay and atheist rights who will face the same tyrannical enemies What original sin do you speak of

Obama what is the origin the conflicts we now face you don't seem to no deflecting the blame on Prescient Bush no longer holds water So let me fill you in l


What is the origin of our current conflict with Iraq Iran Russia ? Is it biblical? Cultural? Or is it just about oil, money and power? Is the United States just one of many morally equivalent players in this melodrama, acting cynically in its own quest for world domination? To witness the behavior of many of our supposed allies, one might believe this to be the case. The European Union bobs up and down on the waves of indecision. Some of our NATO partners retreat as the nations of tyranny and terror advance. Peace demonstrators hold hands with dictators, joining with them to accuse America of causing the poverty and terror born of tyranny's bosom. Reporters dash madly around the globe in a never-ending (and seemingly futile) quest for the significance of every event. And many latter-day Neville Chamberlains remain in denial, ready to let evil rule the world. 


To achieve this end I traced the footprints that Americas founding fathers odyssey of freedom left on history's landscape,

In their determination to fashion a new world cultural ethic from one that had been left in ruins by the assault on peoples rights by those using Gods name and the State to achieve their Machiavellian devises, our founders abandoned those tyrannical enclaves crossed the bridge to freedom and entered liberty's universe where a new constitution would replace tyrannical heresy as the sovereign of a the state From that point on the given right of any individuals to stand up and defend themselves against any force or system that would subdue their inalienable rights was activated and with it, the conflict between of a new nation of democracy, nations who embraced religious and Secular Totalitarian governments was set in motion

As America presence in the world grew new communication lines were opened and through trade and through the cultural exchanges that trade brings people were increasingly exposed to our founders new revolutionary ideas that were challenging the world community to honor the sanctity of liberty's governance where free choice and fundamental rights must becomes the foundation for spiritual and economic advancement in every nation in order to defeat the plague of tyranny poverty and despair in the post constitutional era

Thus America would became the ultimate threat to nations in this world that ran such tyrannical enterprisers and since they had sealed the fate of their own nations by closing up the market of new ideas, thus repression and hatred became their only assets as well as their only allies to secure the reign of absolute power Thus in the face of an advancing vital democratic civilization those who held absolute power over the people knew they must destroy us and our foundation for prosperity and freedom because we are the greatest threat to undermine their strangle hold they had over the people and maintain their status quo Thus in the end making the conflict between our new nation of democracy and nations of tyranny in this world inevitable

How could it have been any different being at cross-purposes, neither force can long coexist with the other. How could it be otherwise? One system sustains freedom, and the other, submission. One supports an open market of ideas, the other persecution and murder for dissent. One achieves peace and unity through a democratic and constitutional balance of power, while the other accomplishes a mockery of these virtues through the absolute subjugation of the individual human spirit to the will of the most ruthless contender for power.

At a time when confusion uncertainty and denial still reign amongst the citizens of America and Israel as to the true nature and size enemies involved in this war of terrorism the cloud of ambiguity that has laid siege to their minds must now be lifted, so all unite for one purpose - to defeat the enemy that has divided us

Exposing the true nature of the enemy that is engaged in the attack on our nation now becomes critical, especially if America seeks to accomplish our t nation just purpose and cause

That is why in order to be victorious in our war against terrorism we need to establish a base to launch our campaign against terrorism where Americas victory against tyranny had already been benchmarked

Two hundred years ago a global exodus commenced calling forth in liberty's name representatives from amongst all the family's of humankind to gather here in the land that would be called America with the mission to brave hardships of all kinds, in order to clear the road for enlightenment and harmony for the rest of the world by riding themselves of every vestige of


By returning to the era that produced our documents of governance documents whose stance against the full menu of tyrannies evils was so compelling, it would pin point the exact identity of any of the nations in the world who are at odds with liberties noble enterprise by spotlighting the particular brand of tyranny they have chosen to adapt that has declared war on peoples inalienable rights using the name of God or State claiming that this champions the nobility of their cau

Because it was the very forces of tyranny that we defeated that gave birth to our doctrine of liberty and defined its purpose monitoring the advancement of secular and religious tyranny and keeping them in check is the only legitimate platform, which can define the principles on which the foundation of our Constitution rests

Because the Constitution represents liberty's first and last defense against the advancement of Tyranny it provides the perfect vehicle for developing the strategy to pinpoint, defeat and transform the governments that are the hosts for the disease of terrorism in the world today

The realization that the greatness of democracy stems from the fact that the fundamental principle that protects her very existence, is found in her eternal declaration of war to protect us from the advancement of secular or religious tyranny from within our shores and abroad. is also this same principle that gave birth to a balanced framework, where these two institutions can work in harmony with each while at the same time protecting the advancement of tyranny form each and upon each other Alerts us to the fact:

When this balance is violated, the face of tyrannical institutions that are at odds with the principles on which the foundation that our Constitution rests is revealed on liberties radar screen thus lifting the cloud of deception that protects the hiding places of all the enemies of democracy by identifying all the criminals, thugs, political parties and outlaw nations of the world, that are at war with peoples inalienable rights in tyranny name.

Here lies the formula left by our founding fathers that is embodied in the Constitution of the Untied States of America to gage for all future generation whether we are on the right course to achieve our objectives as a nation

This formula also provides us with democracy's litmus test a test that now becomes crucial for those who wish to set the standard to protect our freedom of every generation to come against the advancement of tyranny with in our government

Their can no longer be any doubt that the leading cause for incubation of terror that progressed to infest the sovereign nations of Middle East , has one cause, the loss of fundamental rights and freedom which has been sustained through the absence of balance, between religious and secular establishments in their ruling governmental institutions

In this case the absence of any democratic sovereignties in these nations has been sustained the history of allegiance to a faith first governance that has cultivated the dominance of religious totalitarian tyrannies in that region over the centuries

As a result of this continuous imbalance, in the face of advancing civilizations, we are now facing vast populations who are mistakenly driven to think they must defend their faith fro


On October 11 only one month after 9/11 I wrote in the introduction of victorious America on my site

“The events that will shape the eternal face of humanity are now in progress. In the aftermath of the horrific events of September 11th situations are now arising that are so erratic that the boundaries that separate reason from irrationality, democracy from tyranny, are threatening to be erased and be replaced by the forces of oppression and terror in all arenas of the human endeavor. 

In the past few years people have become so complacent we ignored where tyranny begins and democracy ends thus creating an after-the-fact society in our response to evil. The word tyranny has been discredited as a through semantics, cultivated in dialogues bathed in the hearts of un –blistered souls Yet though they now live in her mansions and enjoy her food they have turned off their own voice of indebtedness to liberties spilt blood They turn away from the voices and guidance of those who built this house and laid its foundation and condemn there reference to tyranny as an over simplified time tired relic, of an old fashioned jean-less society of 1776 out of touch with modern didactics

But times have changed those bar and vacation wallets are not packing the same wallop high gas prices are in fashion and threats of war loom ominously on the horizon this is the era that demands our total sobriety - a time when our hands must always be on the pulse of this anomaly that has assailed us, without missing a single beat.

There are times for nonviolent resistance and there are times when you are facing an enemy plotting your extermination based on an absolutist agenda. You have no choice but to stand up and fight or be annihilated.

What I have written here has nothing to do with a right wing or left wing agenda. What I consider most sacred is our right of free choice. I despise tyranny and those o promote it, for it would eliminate all our fundamental rights.

Because our contusions is our first and last deface against the advancement of tyranny in this world the principle on which the foundation of this document rest act as a mirror to reflect all ideas that support liberty's decrees and a distorted one of those who do not, Therefore it acts as a mirror exposing which governments in this world have declared war on peoples inalienable rights and what brand of tyrannical dictates did their governments adapt that established laws that supported and sustained their diabolical enterprisers This for I use it as my guide to see my way thought the maze of deception that tyranny weaves in order to predict the future outcome of our war on terrors depending whether we use this specter of liberty as our guide or not

Regarding the creation of new governments based on democratic ideals to end the tyranny in the Middle East and bring security and peace to the whole world, there is one principle that must be established in these nations and protected at all costs. The principle is the separation of church and state Mosque and State which must be instituted especially in the regions where religious influence has been the dominating factor in governing the civil institutions. This principle was not only essential in the birth of our liberties but an essential arm for the establishment of democracy. The importance of this can be witnessed in the consequences of entire nations and cultures that are literally governed by religious dictates that lack such a separation of the religious from the secular domain. We have seen the horrific results in the dire poverty of their countries and most recently in our own back yard on September 11th.

As we move forward in our struggle, we will also face governments who outlaw diverse religious beliefs, and fundamental rights. These governments share a common theme of absolute power and suppression of the individuals inalienable rights.

That is why we must not let these religious tyrannies gain momentum for the potential of revitalizing the armies of Secular Tyrannies especially in south America and Russia is something we re

America is at a cross road never before in our 200 year history have we faced such a formidable enemy and our nations and allies have been so divided We are assailed on all fronts We must now return to our original point of departure where our where our quest for liberty first began our founding fathers defined the mission and defined f our nation and our true identity

For the Europeans and the majority of the nations in the Untied Nations protecting Israel was never high on their political agenda, time after time they exhibited sacrificing Israel was a small price to pay for preventing their own economic disaster. When it comes to protecting the sovereignty of Israel or off setting the cost of rising oil prices economics still rules their roost.


On the other hand protecting the sovereignty of liberties domains has not only been in America 's best interests, it has been her greatest asset. Americans steadfastness in investing in the viability of free market economies has time and again proven that the starving horse called Tyranny will always finished last in its race to overtake Liberty 's Decrees.


This foreign policy is the direct result of Americas Founders belief that protecting the right of free choice will always provided a victory for good over evil, and prosperity over despair, that the constraints of tyranny would deny them.


It has been full impact of this political ideology that was responsible for the development the open competitive market of ideas that has continued to sustain Americans hope of economic prosperity in her future through the best and worst of times.


Thought out the 21 first century it is this policy that has provided the catalyst that has been responsible for upending the tyrannical aberrations of human despair in nations whose leaders had chosen oppression as their soul mates.


The validity of this foreign policy was mirrored most recently in the development of free markets economies in Germany , and Japan after their defeat by America after World War 2.


The Berlin barricade by Russia in 1948 would again demonstrate that economic blackmail must never be allowed to trump liberties decrees if freedom and prosperity is to prevail.


The fall of the Berlin wall would reveal the dysfunctional nature of a closed market economy that the Russians championed, and the threat the world security that their brokers of absolute power had produced.

While the Secular Communists Totalitarian Regimes becoming transient fixtures on histories landscape, our current generations moment of truth came on 9/11.

The appearance of Mosque and State Totalitarian Cooperatives of the Middle East on liberty's radar screen on that day singled a shift in the tyrannical pyridine. The nations where people give their allegiance to God over their allegiance to protect all people's inalienable rights would now rise to the top of tyranny food chain, replacing the Secular Communists totalitarian tyrannies of the past on liberties most wanted list. See article for explanation

From a historical perspective these Mosque and State Terrorist
Cooperatives and their Secular State Tyrannical counterparts, are both branches that are extensions of the same tyrannical tree. It is there roots
that America's founding fathers promised to uproot when they crossed the
bridge to freedom and brought the world onto the post constitutional era

America make no mistake about this the Mosque and State Terrorist Cooperative of the Middle East share the same object of their Communist Secular brethren eliminating the very source that triggers national prosperity and secures the integrity of the state – a free open market of competitive ideas which leads to the loss of your inalienable right

Therefore establishing the proof that the common ground exits between the two is essential in revealing the emery we now face.


For comparison purposes the malfunction of the Soviet economy, was characterized by a political agenda that replaced competition and free enterprise with the confiscation and equal redistribution of wealth.


This Russian tyrannical brainstorm fostered a form of protectionism that would lead to the stagnation and eventual collapse of their economic and political system. By putting all under the banner of equal disturbing of wealth in serving the proletariat the Russians hierarchy was able to foster in the majority of the people an absolute allegiance to the state, because they promised to silence any who would dare question the viability of the peoples collective utopia,( thus eliminating people inalienable rights to criticize the state ) a utopia that secured peoples jobs and their promotion based on their allegiance to state not on who's best qualified for the job.


It was this process that eliminated the open market place of competitive ideas that produces the entrepreneurs whose innovation is essential to bring prosperity to a nation.


It was the Communist political ideology that embraced the idea that in order to serve some higher ideal sacrificing your individual rights was necessary for achieving the unity for attaining national goals, This would ultimately designate Russia as the darlings of the Darwin Dodos in the Post Constitutional era.


This tyrannical ordinance by the state is the prototype of deception that is used by all tyrannical regimes in order to hid their true agenda from the people they claim to serve


This formula for governmental tyranny where one is coerced into giving allegiance to the state over giving their allegiance to protecting the inalienable rights of all, in order to preserve and protect the greater good, would emerge as the prototype of deception that is now being used by governments in the Islamic world to justify defending some higher ideal that in reality they have been destroying for over 1000 years


I ask what greater glory or noble cause exists that would serve to deny and suspend such freedoms and democratic ideals to reach its goal No such greater glory exits for the State, G-d, or in the name of achieving World Peace. What you are talking about here is tyranny not glory


The formula for absolute power is simple, it occurs when people are convinced by the leaders of any nation that giving their allegiance to protecting the greater good justifies overriding their allegiance to protects their fellow citizens inalienable rights whose just purpose and cause the greater good is meant to serve


Thus the storyline in these nations is always the same and the outcome is guaranteed “Giving credence to the use of absolute power under the banner of preserving the order and protecting the greater good is nothing less then putting the welfare of the people in the hands of tyrants.

In 1999 I wrote Victorious America the Essay- Conclusion

The structure of every organization is defined through the working relationship and functions of the constituency and its leaders”. 

In a Democracy participation is the key to enlightenment standing up against injustice and inwardly polishing yourself at the same time are two sides of the same coin. One cannot exist without the other. It is this complete formula that contains the essential ingredients for the recipe for human advancement As the people's enlightenment progress the active role in changing and overseeing the policies of the their government increases proportionally, This will ensure and maintain the edict "The government exists only to serve the needs of the people".

Every species exists in an organizational framework. Strict arrangements are made so its members can achieve their survival.

This type of co-dependence is part of the natural order of existence. All species other than the human are subject to the forces of nature and the laws of the environment as the exclusive controlling factor. There is no policy-making decision by the members in this type of community. Everything is set in place; each entity conducts its activities dictated to them by the instinctual process.

Their organization is sustained and controlled through select entities that maintain order through domination.

This system is good for ants and tigers, birds and even microorganisms, where there is a constant battle for survival and self-preservation. While it might be admirable to witness the great sense of unity that can be achieved under these systems, we must always remember the dimension of their reality is contained solely within the food chain system where one species is constantly having the other for dinner!

When we talk of the existence of human beings, the properties of conceptualization and freedom of choice come into play as the deciding factors that form our social structures. Therefore it would be ludicrous for us to implement any systems or social structures fashioned after that which is exclusively reserved for the food chain entities.

Strangely enough the totalitarian governments have used the model of the food chain to obtain the goal of unity by limiting the rights of their subjects through uncontested control and intimidation.

This was achieved through either use of political propaganda, coupled with external threats in the secular world, or a diluted spiritual agenda with the intent of suppressing the conceptual facility and freedom of choice through the threat of spiritual punishments in the religious world.

But all these organizations were doomed to failure unless they changed, because they were aberrations of the law of evolution that governs the realm of human existence. The ones that did not change only set up karma of discontent, which led to a revolt by the people until such systems, were eventually dismantled and replaced by more suitable systems to serve the needs of the people.

As we approach the millennium the battle to reform theses religious totalitarian nations of the Muslim world is now raging, because many have modeled themselves after secular food chain governing structures of the post communistic era have historically tried to control the people thought the state Secular mandates now use a religious state mandate to achieve the same ends, thus like there secular brethren will eventually lose touch with the heart of their constituency.

As the people progress toward education and enlightenment moves forward , the individual's part in forging the organization increases. The individual becomes more and more active in the decision-making process. As this happens, the structure of the organization changes to accommodate the people and open up every avenue to make progressive changes at every level of the structure.

America knows how to put the status quo in check. Nathan Hale's blood is the lifeblood of our nation his fierce resistance to tyranny is what has kept our freedom alive over 200 years

America has taken the bold step to honor the enlightenment and the development of the individual as the key building block to a new global civilization the coming millennium of peace is nothing other than the full manifestation of the principles of democracy through out the world by people whose faith in liberties mandate is indomitable.

As John F. Kennedy said

“M an may die, nations may rise and fall, but an idea lives on. Ideas have endurance without death.” So it is with liberty



Recognition is the key to victory



As I mentioned in before the oil rich Mosque and State Terrorist Cooperatives of the Islamic world have now taken center stage in there attack on liberates domains.


The danger we are now facing from the Mosque and State terrorist Cooperatives of the Middle East is even more virulent in nature that communists that had preceded them because of the blind frenzy of allegiance their populations give to the state in G-d name


The reality that Americas is facing is a majority in the nations of the Arab world like the majority in Japan in World War 11 who also consummated their marriage to their faith at the alter of Religious Tyranny and terrorism


Like in Japan in the Islamic world demcaory is perceived by the majority as a doctrine where a person has the given right to question the ethics on which the foundation of their social order rests, a religious foundation a that was built exclusively on the teaching and dictates of Allah. Since such inquires would be considered an insult to Allah so would the doctrine that opened the door to such inquires 


President Bush's' surprise that 95% of the Palestinian people went to the poles and excised their “God Given Right” to freely elected a terrorist backed organization speaks directly to this matter


As I mentioned in this essay the Mosque and State Terrorist Cooperatives have now taken center stage in there attack on liberates domains. And like World War 11 it will only take a Democracy or Else stance by the United States and Israel in the Middle East that can exhume the same brand of tyranny this is now poising the minds of the Arab people Only then can the Arabs transform their homegrown cultures of hate and gloom into gardens of peace and prosperity

While there are now many people finally writing about the need for Democracy in the Arab world, and some talk about the disease of tyranny as the cause of all the conflict, none has yet mentioned the prescription Americans Founding Fathers wrote that would eliminate the brand of tyranny that has given rise to this plague of terrorism.

A doctor is trained to spot a disease and treat it before it spreads. He can reliably predict the outcome of the patient's condition. America 's Founding Fathers were also doctors. They were excellent physicians who could fully detect the disease of tyranny in all its forms. They left the Constitution as a preventive and as a vaccine to eliminate this cancer.

The Arab world is facing a piranha. Religious Tyranny the cancerous beast that they embraced in their war against the west has mutated and descended on them like a locust, honing in on their own misguided faith they are eating the very fabric that binds them to their own humanity. The result, Sectarian Violence Mutual Murder Among their own Brethren

Remember protecting our freedom of choice in faith and religious matters was the essential factor that gave rise to the establishment of a universal document that would function to thwart the advancement of a government of tyranny at every turn

While I personally believe the Koran is Religious teaching that presents a grave threat to our inalienable rights yet the constitution of the US designed to protect against such teachings and reveal when such inequities when they exist Under the Constitution killing violence and overthrowing a government for blasphemy is not an inalienable right it's a criminal act ranging from a felony to an act of treason against Our Constitution as long as the flag

Yet it is hard for the America people to understand this because of their strong support for religious tolerance but it is only our stance against religious tyranny that keeps our support for religious tolerance operable



That is why in the war with terrorism it is religious tyranny that must the operative word here While some like the neo -cons focus on Islamic Fascism as the cause of the evil Religious Tyranny focus on the governmental structure that our founders condemned where the government used State approved religious tyrannical decrees as the weapon to oppress its people and spread their own brand of tyranny in this world

Thus while its hard for the majority America and Israel to see who Islam fascists are among us because we believe in religious tolerance Yet easy to spot those Massive Mosque and state Terrorist Cooperatives rising endlessly across the Mid East Skyline and beyond Now we has the correct name and address where the terrorists are cultivated and housed


It has been those Mosque and State tyrannical governmental structures that has provided the staple in the diet of the most moderate peoples in the nations of the Islamic that has been quietly feeding a terrorist beast in that region for over 10 centuries a beast who's incubation period ended on 9/11 with attack on the world trade center


This is the tyrannical structure we need to dismantle to be freed from the plague of Religious Tyranny and terrorism in this world It is this is the brand of state oppression that is the root cause of the evil that now germinates the plague from which the disease of terrorism flows. It is malignant cancer that is spawned in the Oil Rich Mosque and State Terrorist's Cooperatives of the Middle East that is responsible for the lies and deception has been eating away at the notion of Israel 's right to exist. Here one finds the nests form, which the Terrorists feed, and the Oil Revenues that keeps the quest to destroy Israel and America alive It is this two-headed beast from across the seas that now attack America on all fronts and will attack her with impunity in the future if we do not act now be severed this two head beast


Once we realize the Mosque and State government is the same ideological government l structure as the Church and State tyrannical enclave our founder fought against in their war of their independence we are off to the races



The Church and state enclave of England was in actuality a world religious governmental movement that fell far short of its mark in transforming the rest of the worlds amoral and unscrupulous behavior in the secular world but hit the bull's eye in exporting their own brand of religious oppression to achieve that end . America war of independence was a living testimony to their failed experiment


Incredibly the same seed of tyranny that gave birth to those who hosted the Religious Tyrannical Church and State governance in the Pre Constitutional era is now the same tyrannical seed that gave birth to these Mosque State Totalitarian enclaves that host a more virulent strain of religious oppression than their predecessors It is theses monstrous enclaves that are responsible for the sectarian violence in Iraq and the ruthless acts of terrorism we see emanating from the sovereign nations of the Middle East and around the world today which threatens to pull the whole world in the vortex of their madness


It is this Church and State connection that brings us back to the dawn of liberty's rising where the provision that the Constitution of the Untied States of America embodies provides the serum the weapon of choice of our founding fathers that provided our founder victory over religious tyranny and secular tyranny they experience under British reign


Historically speaking it was our founding fathers determination to fully separate themselves from a Church and State tyrannical Governance that gave rise to a new universal document of governance that was designed by them to thwart a government of tyranny at every turn Where as our founding fathers separation from a church and state governance was our founder first consideration in designing a new form of governance to protect themselves from governmental tyranny, in order to achieve that end, they re-configured their separation from a church and state tyrannical enclave into democratic constitutional form of governance where the protection of all peoples inalienable rights was held sacred above all else

The genius of our founders is found in the fact that they were able to drain the negative potential effect that these two institutions the secular and religious would have on each other and society at a whole by providing both with a housing that was built on balanced democratic constitutional framework governance and to that end help both these institutions fulfill their greatest potential in serving the best interest of human kind


For over 200 years it is our constitutional fire wall has protected America from the onslaught of the Religious Tyranny This is, the brand of tyranny that our founding fathers and the world both suffered under in the Pre –Constitutional Era (Crusades Spanish Inquisition est. ) in the name of a Church and State That makes the Constitution of the Untied States of America the embodiment of separation of church and state mandate

With the advent of the Constitution in 1776 the transformation from a people perusing the right of religious freedom to a nation embracing a universal doctrine that calls for freedom from religious and secular tyranny, would finally actualize our founding fathers vision of a universal doctrine of governance that was designed to protect the inalienable rights of all against the advancement of a government of tyranny either in the name of God or State or both This would lay the foundation for a mandate against the absolute power which in t the only way to define the Constitutions mandate transform against absolute power in all its forms is what makes the


It was the Puritans treacherous acts in Gods name that finally crossed the line and confirmed the need for a constitutional firewall, thus removing the last vestige of religious tyranny from the American landscape that was obstructing the process needed to complete this transformation

Now we find ourselves under a governance that was designed by our founder to the stop the advancement religious and secular tyranny at every turn in order to protect against any from destroying their newly won freedoms at the same time protecting and honoring all people's inalienable rights the prototype for governance for the peaceful co existence between all nations of this world was established

Therefore we must be grounded in liberties decrees if we are to survive this war in order to achieve that we must we sure up our this wall that separation state for it provide because the final war against the free world will be wage in the political arenas in the free world

Since our Constitution is the embodiment of a separation of church and state mandate any invasion in the name of Islam to invade the public square to preach their teaching or use our given right of religious tolerance to deny us of our own inalienable rights will be exposed and rebuffed as long as the flag that consecrates the nobility of our cause continues to fly over the Republic for which liberty stands  

Thus only with a pledge of allegiance to our flag that honors those have scarified their lives to protect our constitutional rights must now be in place that is why we must now make sure our pledge of allegiance must contain the word Constitution and represents its stated purpose in our pledge allegiance “ One Nations Free of Tyranny”

It becomes obvious that after September 11 a one way ticket was issued to the people of democracy and any vacillation through compromise to terror or tyrannical nations that harbor and support their movements could mean liberties vacancy by default Thus the reality of a world becoming an endless composite of infertile civilizations housing the hope shattered, baron and the dreamless now becomes a distinct possibility for we now face for another enemy to liberty which looms ominously on our own horizon and is approaching like an asteroid of doom with no foreseeable impediments to halt its progress We now face a war on two fronts 

"This is not a war for us over religion or about whose God is right, but a war that has been declared against our allegiance to freedom of choice and the freedom to worship God or not in our own manner. It is a war against the allegiance we have to the Constitution of the United States America a document that is the archetype to secure democracy and peace among the family of man. 

This is a war being waged by a conglomeration of nations whose populations are under Religious Totalitarian Tyranny. They are fearful of the power of democracy that would equally embrace people all faiths and non alike and protect the liberty of their citizens under its canopy of free choice and fundamental rights. 

With the spreading of new technology all over the world the ideas of a free market place could not be contained. Thus they could not wait any longer they had to attack us for now the doctrines of democracy would now start challenge the moral ethics of societies who for centuries have supported the dictates of religious dogma to govern them through their civil and social institutions, at the cost of peoples fundamental rights become glaringly apparent Thus democracy becomes the enemy, a poison called free choice that could challenge Gods dictates and plans for their society which they believe is essential for them to follow if they are to reach heaven For them democracy is the enemy of God. To them Separation of Church and State stands in the way of their allegiance to God 



Now the final conflict to be waged in this world in order to forever


Now the pledge that America's founding fathers' made against despotism at our countries inception When they launched their quest to secure liberty as the foundation to eternally insure the protection of all people's inalienable rights against the advancement of a governance of absolute power in any of its forms, will reveal our true purpose as a nation acts our mandate as the final battle to forever short circuit the ever recurring of cycle secular and religious totalitarian oppression that has plagued humankind since its inception is at hand and with it the completion of our founding father vision of a world free of tyranny will take center stage
in this conflict as the struggle begins to forever lock the door on the
full menu of tyranny evils to any and all who would release its deadly venom into the hearts of humankind


Obama that is why we cannot have you an absentee warrior at the helm of liberty's ship at this time in history Obama go to church and thank God we have Senator McCain to lead our nation at this moment in history




Why are we are being attacked at this time in history? Because, like a golden mirror, those who oppose freedom and wish to destroy liberty are being exposed through the advancement of the free press and media communications in the free world. Thus it compels all those involved in such a demonic venture to rise up and destroy liberty before they are hunted down for the criminals they are. Freedom exists because those who have embraced it have the privilege to taste its sweet nectar

Our youth are being deceived on all fronts And they are going to need a standard a measure stick to see what's legitimate and what is a forgery beyond the politics of deception and slander as we go forward to create a world free from tyranny and terrorism My purpose is to present to them this precious gift given to us by our forefathers so they will not be lead astray and take the lead in making a world draped in liberty a reality

Victorious America Initiative not serves not only a message to our youth to preserve our noble inheritance liberty and quest but to maintain our 200 year vigilance against tyranny here and abroad. But a wake up serves notice call to those who would disorientate our youth stealing from them their true inheritance through sabotage of our most fundamental principles that sustain our most precious doctrine of liberty The Constitution of the Untied Sates of America In order to placate tyrannical agendas in order to achieve a new world in the name of peace that you will be exposed.

For America teaching our youth about democracy is the singularly most important thing for us now to preserve our culture of freedom and secure the survival and triumphant of liberty in the world Victorious America Imitative is not only a message to our youth to preserve our noble inheritance liberty and quest but to maintain our 200 year vigilance against tyranny here and abroad. But a wake up call to those who would disorientate our youth stealing from them their true inheritance through disorienting sabotage of our most essential fundamental doctrines of liberty The Constitution of the Untied Sates of America the only doctrine that can execute the noble principles of liberty in order to placate tyrannical agendas in order to achieve a new world in the name of peace that you will be exposed.

Theses are the new wolves in waiting in the wings the opportunists the vengeful and the ignorant we have an ominous task in front of us

This is a wake up call to those who would steal from our youth their true inheritance through sabotage and tyranny by disorienting pollute our fundamental doctrines to placate tyrannical agendas in order to achieve a new world in the name of peace that you will be exposed. Theses are the new wolves in waiting in the wings the opportunists the vengeful and the ignorant we have an ominous task in front of us

While I am ordained minister I cannot lecture on the Bible as an American an the direct inheritor of liberty's decrees today I am more than qualified to speak on the evils of tyranny here on earth especially those that are now embrace by the religious leaders in the world today who have invaded the sacred in order to gains praise from the G-d they chosen to worship by sacrificing the lives of Jews on their alters of hate and Religious tyranny built in G-d name

From over 30 years experience of oppression and subjugation of our fundamental rights in a major religious institution I have found great parallels to the major conflicts and turmoil appearing on the international scene emending form the Middle East .I am not white tower students of history or the traditional academic scholars offering solutions and theories based upon the ideological works and reports of other scholars – we are scholars of experience who, through our own trials standing up to religious tyranny, have unearthed the greatest principle of human integrity that gave birth to the foundation on which our constitution rests

As the new emerging empirical scholars, we can no longer silently witness the endless forging of the people's integrity through deception, and hope to preserve our own humanity. The choice to advance a global initiative a one world fre e of tyranny pledge anchored in liberty decrees, is the only alternative to protect and honor our integrity dignity, and secure our freedom here at home  

Now that this is established, let us address this insidious subscription to deception that is being honored by the international media as well as our college campuses originating from the tyrannies of the Middle East and their supporting cast from around the world. This scenario must now be exposed before the minds of our youths to whom we have entrusted that the future will not become waylaid by deception lest we be driven into chains of tyranny. For it was our parent's and grandparent's generations who gave their blood to honor the simple dignity and decency which has laid the foundation for the soul of democracy in the world today to guarantee the children of the next generation a better life. 

Now is the time for this generation of our youth to return the favor and prepare for a world free from tyranny. We must finally put an end to the pain and frustration of knowingly letting sovereign nations of religious tyranny get away with lying to our face again. 

The perpetual prom party of thoses who have abaodned lbieryt ship must now come to an end for there is work to be done that will fill your life with an endless joy never known to you before. Now the real party is about to begin, so grab history by its tail and hang on. The ride to liberty is filled with an ecstasy that is immeasurable and lasts for eternity for those who endure.

Now let us begin by putting an end to 40 years of deceit and lies in this conflict between Israel and the Palestinian people by using the self-evident truths we have elucidated. They are the lifeblood of Victorious America. This will overturn the myth that peace can be achieved through dialogue and diplomacy with tyrannical nations and regimes whose ideology is rooted in the destruction of liberties and fundamental rights based on a religious dogma. 



I did not have the advantage that barak obabm had I wasa white person traveled in the most dangerous ghettos in New York Bedford Stuyvesant Harlem East New York Sought Bronx to visit trouble members and their families in their homes and give encouragement in faith I traveled all hours of the night every day after work and on the weekends coming home many times at 3 or 4 am with literally with no break for twenty years I traveled unarmed and used the subways as my only mode of Transportation I was attacked many times and once was stabbed protecting our cultural center from a madman


Now when I look back I can't image how I stayed alive in such circumstances I am sure my sense of mission kept me blind to the dangers that continually surrounded me and my faith in my mission made me not only fearless but kept my protected


In 1988, I transferred to Brooklyn The group I was assigned to was made up of Americans of African decent. When I came to my first meeting I was looked at with great disdain. One woman said “You can never understand black people, you are white. Why did they appoint you as our leader?” The whole chapter was gathered, When it was my turn to talk, I said my religious practice has taught me how to fight and win in life and it doesn't look like you are all doing so well. I am a white man and I am fighting in your neighborhoods 100 times harder than you to spread the law and end such inequities Isn't it strange that you face racism, drugs, crime here and I am leading you? You have a lot more reason to fight than me and you should be my leader. After that, we all laughed hard together.


I can honestly report that in all the time I have been a member, I have been behind the scenes. As a white man, I have traveled in the most dangerous black neighborhoods, fighting alongside people to build the kind of country that we dreamed of. This has been no easy task. I have been threatened, beaten and even stabbed over the years in the line of duty, but I am proud to say I have gained the respect of many people in the community through my effort and have been able to break down the walls of discrimination. 

Where I practiced, no one says they are a victim of racism, but they are proud to stand up as new citizens to make the dream of this great country a reality. These are truly the citizens have jumped the racial divide to the sacred ground of enlightened patriots. am so grateful and proud to be able to achieve this victory For my part, I will continue to fight anyone who uses racism as an excuse to divide the people and so consolidate their own power. 

Over the years it was always uphill battle at my meeting I faced off against the Farrakhan who used community serve as a front to spread their attain white America agenda Then there were the Jackson and Sharptons who's blame America get over victim rap that was taking away their youths dignity The one America of African decant that stoop up to theses charlatans Rroy Inn who was promptly branded an uncle tom


So when I heard Obama went on the million man march without denouncing him when he started to run for office I thought was he the only black man in America that did not know that Farrakhan hated Jews and whitee After practicing my faith in the ghetto for 25 years do you think I know if a man who went to a hate whitey church for over 20 years and called that man his mentor then claimed he did not know what was going on their


I have two American heroes of African decant who I would be proud to be part of their family Shirley Chiusim other Roy Iinnus and would be proud if they were our parents no less then the president of the US


but we can not elected a charlatan like Obama and deface the name of Martin Luther King Junior and our founding father and all they fought for Electing Obama would-be America original sin









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