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"If you want to know what's evil and what's righteous in this world use the compass of liberty and you will know if your judgment, direction and faith is correct"    
Victorious America

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Liberty´s Lost Voice 
Stanley Zir and Phil Orenstein
20 June 2003 

Speaking of the lost voice of liberty in the Mideast, we only need to look at the deception that´s going on there. No sooner than Sharon had met with Abu Mazen, the folly began. Mazen insisted on the right of return for Palestinians and that Arafat, the confirmed terrorist, should be free to travel to spread his poison in the world. Next, Abu Mazen was saying that terror will stop after the "occupation" stops. This is already being accepted by Sharon, who slipped by saying that Israel will now give up the lands that are needed for her protection, because Hamas will call a temporary truce on homicide bombing. How gracious of them. Now even the United States is going along with this folly, because this poor man Abu Mazen has too much pressure on him from evil forces that he faces from within. Then, if the United States does not capitulate to Abu Mazen, we face the blame-Bush syndrome in the Arab world, because they will claim that we are abandoning the “road map”.

Thus the folly continues. One concession leads to the next, and on and on. If for some reason Israel does not agree, suddenly she might be facing the guns of liberty herself and the wrath of the citizens of the United States. Furthermore, she will be blamed throughout the world as the primary cause of terrorism in this world. 

No person, not even the President of the United States, stands above liberty´s dictates. Such is the grave responsibility of being democracy´s commander-in-chief. Unfortunately, now President Bush is championing this “road map” and says it must be completed by 2005, no matter what. This “road map” will be moving at such a furious pace to keep his mandate on track that the incessant cries of "Road Map!", "You promised!", will continue to make his position irreversible. By the time everyone realizes that President Bush has put his credibility and that of the United States into the hands of those who only honor tyranny and deception, the “road map” will have already served its true purpose: to finish the job the suicide bombers started.

Israel, you have no choice, you have come to the crossroads, and someone among you has to have courage to end the real cause of your economic woes, terrorist attacks, for they are not of your making. Take courage. When you attacked a Palestinian village following a terrorist mission originating from there, for first time, the Palestinians in that village stood up and protested the presence of the terrorists in their midst. Obviously, in making this proclamation, they did not seek the approval of either Yasser Arafat or Abu Mazen, with whom we are under the false impression that we have to negotiate in order to achieve this same result in the PA street. 

Israel, herein lies your answer. Now, you must forever end the defensive stance against terror, which Sharon has now disgracefully joined Arafat in calling "the occupation". By taking the offensive, by declaring all-out war against the entire Palestinian population, the next terrorist attack against you will lead to the final victory for democracy. Finally, peace and security will be achieved between both peoples. 

Otherwise, Israel is destined to suffer not only a slow economic death, but also the demise of her citizens through occupation and infiltration by those who only intend to massacre her. You must never again walk in resignation, and march to your death as in World War II. As we stated in January, in our article "An Open Letter to the Citizens of Israel from America", the only doctrine that Sharon must embrace is "Victory for Democracy, Unconditional Surrender, Terrorism is No Longer an Option", or resign.

For Americans, it became obvious after September 11 that there was only a one-way ticket issued to all the people of democracy. From that moment on, any vacillation through compromise with any nations that harbor and support movements of terror, could only mean liberty´s vacancy from the only battlefield where unconditional victory now must be achieved, in the very lands of these religious totalitarian nations themselves. If we continue to avoid this fact, then America and Israel will become a clearing-house for the entire stable of the Arab League Trojan Horses. Then the threat of the world becoming an endless composite of infertile civilizations, housing the hope-shattered and dreamless, could be only be a quick step away. Israel, by accepting this “road map” has taken the first step to this nightmare.

If my beloved country turns against Israel when she acts, it will only be temporary, because if America does not support Israel, then liberty would be forever lost to the world and that is not America´s destiny. Don´t be afraid to act. Now is the last chance to fight. Israel, your mandate is now bigger than the survival of your own sovereignty. It has now become the very embodiment of liberty´s lost voice in that region. This has always been Israel´s legacy and now it will become the fulfillment of her true destiny. 
Stanley Zir, an author, is the Founder of 
Phil Orenstein is an Adjunct Instructor at Queensborough Community College.



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