The major objective to sustain an agenda to enforce a guardianship to protect the organization has preference even over rights of the members has gained such ground over the years that it has made a permanent home in the SGI-USA and has become an organizational cancer that is used as a staff to attack and discredit any person that would try to hold the leadership accountable. Thus betraying the essence of its original function to protect the people and the organization from the abuse of such rights and actions thus protecting the faith and the name of the organization

As we have talked about accountability over and over on this site and that blueprint for such organizational structures and their modes of operation and procedures are all the same. A picture that presents it self is as clear as the sun when it rises so all can see for themselves the suppression of rights

What follows when peoples fundamental rights is denied. You can look through out history at any secular or religious organizational that denies this one rights and the and the picture and procedures are the same lack of accountability of the leaders to the people is the precursor to and gives birth to a core leadership that is controlled by the by political subterfuge and a inward battle for the right of control It demands total allegiance of all to this core and it controls the people though manipulation of doctrine and intimidation of fear of punishment whether physical or spiritual through use of there misguided doctrine Its most fundamental evil result is the people or members involved with that kind of organization structure are so consumed with the ultimate glory of their cause and mission they become amnestied to the bases of their own humanity there conscience and they willing turn there basks on injustice in there own organization looking the other way knowing its wrong but convinced that in doing so they are protecting the higher cause and the organization which its suppose to resent Ask your self what is the higher cause you are protecting that has you going against your own conscience It sound a lot like supporting the sate at the expense of the individual donít you think 

The old adage that Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely has been used by President Ikeda Absolute power can only exist when the people have been denied there rights to hold the leaders directly accountable to them and have been empowered to do such My experience will show all the ramification of what happens to people in an organization when such principles of accountability donít exist and I am stating without reserve if you donít get rid of the present system in the SGI it will get rid of you As Nichiren Daishonin states the ocean rides itself of corpses (and for those of you who would interpret this saying I am suggesting violence donít try to pull that hoax) because your house is already burning and the smoke of the oppression that exists in the organization will strangle you all for its cuts of the oxygen of the Law to your life 

Therefore I am sounding the final alarm either put out the flames of this treachery and rebuild the house for the people or remain perish in the fire If what I say sounds harsh l consider the results and execration pain that evil causes when you wake up and find your conscience is gone and have lost your compass for life You cannot fool your heart President Toda said ideas should be so simple and make such sense that even a child can understand it or donít follow it read Victorious America and see if it makes sense and stands up to simple reason. 


The occurrences leading up to the formation of the grass roots committee were not based on some isolated instances, but was the culmination of a history of events that underscored a way of thinking that in its exuberance to protect our ideals and our noble mission, unfortunately gave rise to a wall of dogma where denial an acceptable standard to preserve unity in the absence of common sense, reasoning and ethical standards. It further uncovered an entrenched belief that viewed anyone or any group that questioned the validity of this way of thinking were people who dare challenged our noble mission and were attacking the SGI and were a threat to unity itself. The events that occurred cannot be denied and must be used so we can break away from such misconceptions and the process that may confine us to a constant repetition of such events. Therefore, the people who have formed this committee have determined to never permit ourselves to turn our backs on such an endeavor or resign ourselves to have suffered in vain without using such events as a catalyst for change for the better and to further protect and strengthen our organization. The issue is very clear and there should be no confusion about it for it is the fundamental basis for the Buddhist Ideal: Sincere people that stood up to protect their members were stonewalled. When they protested about the lack of action and the negligent behavior continued, they were accused of breaking unity and of being demons. All the efforts of members who also protested such actions were ignored - the unjust actions were denied as false and were themselves pressured to acquiesce least they make the cause to create disunity. The question we're raising is - can there be unity when individuals are sacrificed to protect the group or to cover-up actions of people in responsible positions? Does uniting to deny the truth ever create the Buddhist ideal or destroy it?

We think a simple concept can clearly illustrate this and we can show this by citing an example that is easy for all to understand. It must be remembered that this is just an example to clarify a point - a principle.

In the Boy Scout Organization do you think that the Scoutmaster and the boy scouts responsibilities are equal? You might say the values of their lives are equal but the parents give their trust to the leaders based on their trust of the Scout organization.


Now suppose there is a problem of negligence to the scouts or there is abusive behavior leveled corruption and mismanagement which affects the well being of their children and it is not dealt with by the scout masters colleagues or his superior. Do you think the parents have a right to complain? Do they have the right to take action and hold that scout leader responsible? Now if people in responsible positions keep ignoring the parents and greet them with such statements as "Get over it", "Nothing ever occurred" and "In any case, you are not perfect yourself!" Do you think any of the parents would listen or accept these outrageous insults or would they take action to remove such people before they destroy the organization of the scouts and the integrity of its president altogether? To create unity by using the great name of an organization to silence and cover-up inappropriate behavior has disastrous results and must never be permitted. Now who's protecting the organization - the negligent leaders by being irresponsible and covering up and chancing the ruin of the organization when the truth comes out or the parents who try to keep the organization pure and upright? 

What kind of idea of Buddhism top leaders in the name of unity are teaching to our membership when they accept such blatant dishonorable action? How could such a degrading quality of life exist? When the rule that you must trust and believe the leadership to attain unity supersedes any negative actions the leaders might take against the membership if they dare to question their ethics or authority must end At the present, any members who would dare to stand up or speak out if such conditions exist and try to hold the leader accountable to their actions, would be ostracized which at the present is nothing other than a certainty for your only options of recourse would be to the very same leaders who protect themselves under banner of iron-clad unity. That is why Makiguchi stated the membership should oversee the actions of the leaders and President Ikeda says that the member should have a major control the organization.

Trust can never be an axiom. For forty years we have been under such a system. Even after the visit and guidanceís of President Ikeda in 1990 the system goes unchanged. Why don't we make the theme TOTAL EMPOWERMENT OF THE MEMBERSHIP, every year until itís a reality based on Makiguchi guidance. 

An organization that holds its leaders accountable to the people especially in the religious realm is the only one that will be acceptable by the American people in the future in accordance with the movement away from dictatorships to democracies in this world. The misconception about a unity that has a function to cover up unethical behavior of the leaders to protect the SGI's reputation and stop the members from speaking out is in fact the very thing that can destroy us. That is the parasite in the lionís bowel.

Meanwhile, I will not let you take 27-years of my life that was dedicated to protect and serve the SGI and toss it in the gutter like a piece of trash. So, I had the courage to speak out for change. Those of you who know me, do you think I would risk all that I fought for because of some small complaint? My history of protecting the SGI with my life and now I must stand up again to truly protect our organization now from going down the wrong road no matter what you think of my actions.

I will not be quiet and let you ruin the reputation of the others that you have tried to shut up by persecuting them and demonizing them to the membership. So their names will be forgotten. I will never stop fighting and protesting until there is a change in our organization and the names of these courageous and sincere people are cleared.

What happened to us is every memberís problem. Because it's happening inside our organization and we are all connected as comrades from the past. Do you think you will be able to sit at your meeting and talk about justice, humanism and the noble course of Kosen Rufu while you turn your backs on such actions. You will become hypocrites and disgrace the Law.

The only crime we committed was trying to protect our members and we called out for change. so the leaders would also be protected by the wisdom and common sense of the people. In his poem the People President Ikeda says the people see and know everything you can hid nothing from them When the leaders are directly accountable to the members, The leaders are have a great reason to be truthful and humble for when they are not the membership demands action based on accountability.

What we received in return for standing up to protect the members and the organization after 27 years of service was to be treated worse than dogs. Our reputation has been ruined by half-truths and outright lies and through the manipulation of the truth we have been demonized by the leadership thus leading to ostracism and isolation by the membership. This is what happens to people only when the Status Quo is devoid of devoid of rights and in that sense we are proud to be in the company of those that preceded us in such endeavors. 

We will not relinquish our stand for justice and will not stop fighting for change in a system that would support such actions that are harmful to the leaders and members alike. Mr. Kasahara says it's not the system, its just faith. If that's so, let's adopt a communist system where no one can speak. Then President Ikeda' ideas to change the system to have more equity between the leaders and the members is also erroneous.

We will not be washed away by lies. No matter how many people you have deceived no amount of people can put out the sun with buckets of water. Your wells will eventuality run dry and the truth will come out, till then we will fight!

Now it's time to set the record straight. I have nothing to hide and all can be verified. I have no choice since the leaders sent a libelous letter denouncing us and publicly demonizing us. We must finally set the record straight. For those of you who wish turning your back on reality and justice thinking that peace is the absence of conflict then in the end you will sacrifice your rights and because to maintain peace is a constant vigilance against the eruption of the tyranny of the sprit So you have to make a choice to either champion the Law for the sake of the people or embrace the fantasy opiate that takes you to them pure land sect.

I have made sure that in my experience every event is in sequence so a complete picture is presented so nothing is taken out of text so there can be no mistake about intent and the behavior of people who took action against us as was exhibited in the slanderous letter written about us and distributed to the members which I will shortly published since its public domain. I will also let you know that I have expressed my outrage. Thatís what healthy humans, who are free, do when theyíre are outraged. In case you have forgotten this is how passion against injustice is expressed and is the prime moving force change for justice just listen some times to the British Parliament or the U.S. Congress when they argue ideas or express outrage this is the signature for democracy it is the history as people of the planet other wise we would become robots and never had change Expressing outrage against injustice given a thumbs up in the Gosho I also will not hide the fact that I talked very harshly to some leaders and members who acted not only in a cowardly fashion but completely betrayed the trust of our friendship I have no regrets what I said to them they deserved it 

One person asked me Stan can all these people be that heartless I said in response the people that are involved in any organizational structure that puts the goal above the people individual rights and deny them those rights in the organization you will find the people will all act to fulfill their parts with what is considered the greater good Thus there is no problem turning on each other or fear of leaders thought intimidation of not subordinate cow towing of the leaders to their seniors to prove their loyalty so on and so on We have witnessed such behavior in these structures throughout history nothing is new Even the good hearted act without conscience and the most devious and cagey always rise to the top and are trying to run things Otherwise most of these people are good hearted people 

Its the people who are perpetrating injustice who when challenged always lose their tempers and finally when pressed for the truth they finally come out and give the correct facts you will see this time and time again in my experience There for we should not be afraid to insist on the truth when it come to these leaders When challenged always lose their tempers and like proud peacocks spurt out the truth like its a badge of honor that they deceived the people you can see it in their attitude when they start claiming the people have no right to speak that way to us Then trying to intimidate the people with their authority they demand the people be passive and not express any outrage which is the final insult how do they have the nerve to set the ground rules of how people must respond to their evil and I am not condoning violence 

How these horrendous events occurred within the SGI has been discussed intermittently through my experience where it apparent that such unscrupulous leaders have a been given a free pass to execute there hideous deeds with impunity have done this so it might awaken those members who have inoculated themselves from reason and common sense and have sought refuge inside the Faith Of Absolute Denial when concerning injustice within the organization concerning their leaders Unfortunately they think this will protect their purity and guarantee their enlightenment thinking and this is the way of protecting the Law Distancing yourself from truth and reality and reasoning can never be the gateway to the faith of True Buddhism this is obvious.
Besides ordinary people know when some one is getting the so called shaft they know that this is wrong doing and have faith that right and justice will prevail and will take action when necessary to assure justice in the end. Thatís why Nichiren Daishonin trusted the ordinary peoples wisdom because it was simple clear and to the point