The SGI must stand on the solid ground where one can exercise their fundamental rights free from the conditions of fear. As far as the manner in which I have expressed my feelings about what happened to me in my report, I did it this way because what happened was cruel, cold and calculating. I am expressing my rage and anger at such occurrences. For those that demand that we all act in a civil manner, while they lie, subvert and ignore President Ikeda's guidance, use character assassination and subterfuges, how dare they demand how I must reply to them. Their own actions are far beyond what would be considered civil by any means. This is a way to discredit me, by putting conditions on how I should reply. I am free from authoritarian control now and any standards that they think I must comply with. So I will speak my mind, give you my thoughts, give you the facts, say the unpleasant things that need to be said and hide nothing. I wrote to President Ikeda on December of 1997 because unfortunately, a series of situations had occurred that I could no longer remain silent about. If I remained so, I felt I would betray his trust and not be able to protect the SGI as I have vowed to do. 

It is not my style to talk about myself. To me, to talk about any of my accomplishments is embarrassing. I am basically a soldier. It is my greatest joy to do activities for kosen-rufu. My rewards are the great friends and relationships I have made working in the trenches over 27 years. To me, to even talk about myself is disgraceful, but I feel if you know nothing about me this letter would sound ludicrous. Therefore, I must speak. The people I am talking about, many of you know, and some you don't. I am not perfect, but I pride myself on being an honest, hard-working man. 

The suffering that has been caused and continues to grow will definitely be detrimental to our organization unless it is firmly dealt with. 

When I wrote this letter to President Ikeda I knew the doors of any chance for relationship with the leadership in the future would remain shut. I would be frozen out --smiled at but shunned. I accept this for they will feel I betrayed them. But the damage that has been done to the members far outweighs this concern. 

I feel I must tell you something of myself now so what I say has substance and does not appear to be mere complaint. Although as I said many of the leaders will close ranks against me, I still feel this is an internal problem. I must emphasize I am not trying to disrupt the organization. I am trying to make it better by turning the terrible experiences I have had into wisdom. I spent my whole youth trying to protect this organization.

I am not looking to punish these leaders, but to make sure that some safeguards are employed so no group can gain absolute power over the people, causing unnecessary suffering. My one desire is that from this terrible situation, value can be created so that my suffering and the suffering of the members will not have been in vain.