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"If you want to know what's evil and what's righteous in this world use the compass of liberty and you will know if your judgment, direction and faith is correct"    
Victorious America

January 20, 2006




The victory on the war against terrorism will be decided by the direction that the Supreme Court takes in the next decade 

With the nomination of Judge Alito to the Supreme Court we will have reach a crossroad. will he protect the source of all liberties the Constitution of the United States of America, whose survival is now on the table, or will be a nation whose sacred documents of liberty will be usurped by the forces of tyranny from within. The present imbalance between the secular and religious that our Constitution defines, is now reaching critical mass. Our liberty is at stake. The enormity of this issue is no less than that of slavery, which turned into the defining factor as the cause for our own Civil War.     

Yes the world has changed since 9/11. America is now presenting its Constitution as its calling card by challenging the nations of the Arab League to honor the sanctity of liberty's governance until the sovereignty of free choice and fundamental rights becomes the foundation for a new spiritual and economic renaissance. 

Will America open liberties gate, and consummate her mission to deliver this indomitable package of freedom untarnished and unadulterated to the world or will democracy be compromised, downloaded into an abyss then dispersed into the darkness without a trace



                    The official 2002 platform of the Texas Republican Party states:


"Our Party pledges to do everything within its power  
to restore the original intent of the First Amendment  
of the United States and dispel the myth of the  
separation of Church and State."


With Bush's commitment to faith based mandates who in their right minds would think he would not promote judges from the religious right in order to honor his commitment to this legacy.

Make no mistake about George Bush is now making his ultimate bid to establish his legacy by establishing a precedence in the Supreme Court of the United States of America that will justify the use of absolute power thought an allegiance to a God mandate, that will time and time again will override the commitment to protect the very principles on which our Constitution rests


Yes, the Republican Party has taken up the fight against terrorism, but has declared principles of separation of church and state as Liberties forbidden fruit, with this one omission, the constitutional balance between the secular and religious that is needed to maintain an open market of ideas in the mid east will falter

Creating religious democracies around the world was not the plan our founding fathers had for securing all people from the plague of religious suppression. Creating democracy free from the governance of religious tyranny was.

The likelihood of the success of the principles of democracy spreading under the Bush Doctrine in the Mid East especially with his fatal omission of the principle of separation of church and state, our founding fathers weapon of choice in subduing Religious Tyranny is as remote as Ayatollah Khomeini appearing on Wheat's Box of Champions, or expecting the dawn to arrive just after the sun has set

How could our President in his right minds ever think of embracing an agenda that would eliminate the Separation of Church and State in our own country when we are being attacked and we are at odds with billions of ordinary people whose chief end is to eliminate such a principle in the world in order to eliminate the existence of liberty it self in Gods name

But President Bush is doing just that- Wrestling the control of our governing and public institutions from under the control of the Constitution, and putting them under the sovereignty of a Holy Scripture is nothing other than the chief objective of these faith first governments but now has become the major objective of the Bush administration also.

America is now facing the greatest war of deception ever waged against the fortress of democracy since the birth of our nation over 200 years ago. Religious Tyranny the most egregious of evils on tyrannies menu's a doctrine that has used Religious Decrees to deprive both the majority and the minority of their most basic fundamental rights in the nations of the Arab League for thousands of years has now not only secured a room at the White House but is now finding its way to every door step in America with the majority in the Senate now posed to gain control of our Supreme Court to promote Tyranny there in Gods name 

At a time in history when we are being attacked by people who invoke God name to promote acts of terror against freedom loving people in America, people who have invoked the Constitution time and time again to help us rise form the ashes of our own inequities at home, there are those among us born from the same womb of tyranny that gave rise to the Secular Oppression that the Communists, and fascists embraced. These fools have now given rise to a movement of Religious Oppression across America that shares with the Communists the same fervor in banning our fundamental rights in our future but in Gods name instead of the state

The very fact that the two hosting parties of this pestilence, the insurgents in Iraq and the Republicans at home though obviously sharing different tactics astonishingly not only share a common objective: delivering their particular payload of religious tyranny to the world at large but also share a common bond the destruction of the fundamental principle on which the foundation that our constitution rests

The fact is that these two fools will be fighting each other to reach the top of the Religious food chain in the future if we do not intervene now If theses two hosts are not confronted and overcome we as a nation will not only perish but the high ground for liberty that preserves the beacon of hope for all people around the world for over 200 years will also be extinguished

To understand the size and the scope of the emery in this war against terrorism we must see beyond the emergence of terrorists that now determined to destroy us, but also the emergence of American Hooligans whose calls for freedom from religious oppression under the banner of judicial tyranny share a common goal with our enemy. While one enemy fights under the banner of tyranny these Hooligans use the banner of democracy to advance their cause, but the loss of our freedom in Gods names is their common objective

While it appears that these are the newest mutineers to appear on liberties ship American history has demonstrated there is no end the fools that have served the devil in Gods name, These are the same bible tooting charlatans who presented America with her only civil war Now the very same evolutionary misfits have joined forces with the other religious transients around the world in the in order to dissolve our union of liberty

These legions of Liberty's faithless are now represented by the party of the majority in the senate that now has the power to eliminate the filibuster of the minority in that chamber, thus eliminating the safety valve that would prevent selection of supreme court judges who would tip the balance of power there in order to give full reign to the executive branch to establish a governance who's results would mirror the unholy alliance of a church and States form of governance a governance that our founding fathers fought against at our countries outset so all Americans could be eternal free form the chains of both Religious and Secular Tyranny,

With the conformation of judge Alto to the supreme court the balance between the secular and religious that is need to prevent the advancement of tyranny will be e breached thus converting Americas Highest court in the land into tyrannies chief litigant for expunging our founding fathers documents form liberty's estate. 

While the republican party is now waging a holy war against our citadel of justice at home while at the same time waging a war against terrorism by spreading brand x democracies throughout the Middle East, the democratic party continues to pursue the abandonment of Liberty's battlefield around the globe. In doing so the democrats have not only turned their backs on Liberties mandates but continue to serve up America's safety and credibility to the true enemies of mankind and secure the bastions of evil where these soulless solders of evil are cultivated and housed

In doing so they have done nothing less than opened the gates of Hell releasing the demons of denial to feast on our youth thus robbing them of their true inheritance at a time when the final episode in Liberty eternal battle against tyranny is being written in the archives of world history. No wonder history is passing them by.

In the end all Americans are left holding the bag. Who will defend America against the Republicans assault on our Constitution who are poised to declare our most sacred document of freedom Un-Constitutional in Gods name? Who will take up the fight against terrorism and the spread of democracy in this world in Liberty name alone the democrats? Liberties gypsies who at present wondering aimlessly on our founding fathers estate just as the tide that launched our odyssey of freedom is coming in  

With Democratic Party is in a stand down mode against the advancement of religious tyranny from abroad the lion's voice of resistance that is needed to prevent the establishment of our own biblical mandate at home has been reduced to the mumblings of absentee warriors who impotent proclamations and petty bickering are destined to leave America not her flag blowing in the wind

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