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My name is Stanley Zir. I have happily given thirty-five years in the service of helping people spiritually with no monetary gain for myself. I have had thousands upon thousands of conversations and visits with people from all walks of life where they could openly discuss their tragedies and victories. But most important of all they freely discussed with me their feelings and ideas about life and faith that they have hidden from their peer groups for fear of being labeled and spurned. This would cause the kind of hardship in their daily lives and relations in their communities that would be too much for their families to bear. 

These people were the salt of the earth and many were the pillars of their communities. To me this was the biggest miracle - their willingness to share their most honest concerns and solutions to problems that face us all but remain unsaid.

Victorious America is a conversation with ordinary people of all faiths. What makes it universally relevant is that it addresses what is common in all people's hearts and speaks directly to the concerns and issues that people face but have kept confined deep within themselves. 

In my travels I have been violently attacked like so many before me who have tried to walk the path of compassion. With courage gained from faith, I was able to walk where the brave dare not go to render encouragement to good-hearted people and those in despair. I have done so joyously and with no complaint or regrets. 

There is an old saying - don't judge a man in ragged cloths as someone who is poor and not worthy of recognition. I am not a scholar, but I have given my life and my blood in the service of the people. I only ask that you give a small amount of time to read what I have written here. This would be my payment and the answer to my prayers. 


Victorious America will extend its participation in the process of protecting and defending people's fundamental rights based on the foundation of democratic principles. We will fearlessly challenge and uncover any group, institution, government or nation in both the secular and religious world that would desecrate these ideals to promote tyranny and oppression in order to achieve absolute power. 

In order to stay on track we have embraced three fundamental principles that will reveal any deviations from the process to ensure freedom.

Principle 1: Total empowerment of the people to oversee the actions of their leaders and to hold the leaders directly accountable to them for the protection of their fundamental rights. This principle is to be formally written into the by-laws and charter of any institution.

Principle 2:  If you want to know what is evil and what is righteous in the world use the compass of liberty and you will know if your judgment, direction and faith is correct.

Principle 3:  If we carefully look at the thread that weaves the mosaic of oppression, we can clearly see that all the strands carry the same properties: suppression of fundamental rights and denial of accountability of the leadership to the people. The list spirals on and on and can be traced like DNA, back to its original source, tyranny. 

It is the mission of Victorious America to expose any group that carries these interweaving strands in their organizational structure. No ground is too sacred. This is a cancer and must be exposed if freedom is to survive.



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